Community Stadium Meeting

Blantyre Vics hosted a community meeting for local organisations and residents last night, to showcase their proposals for a brand new Community Stadium Facility.

Due to other commitments, we were unfortunately unable to attend the meeting, but managed to obtain a copy of the presentation and feedback afterwards from some of the people attending.

By all accounts, it was well attended with suggestions and concerns listened to, focusing primarily on what it would bring to Blantyre.

Vics propose a new community football ground and community hub with around 1,000 capacity football stadium (terraces) which would be used constantly through the year. A community club house and Social Area with multi function community room, catering facilities and changing area. New Flood Lit 3G and Grass pitches. Perimeter fencing and new 54 space additional parking.

If agreement was reached, there’s no doubt the site would offer improved sporting facilities for Blantyre and Vics seem very intent on including many community groups, say for example to ensure the continuation of the gala events, which is welcomed.

Castle Park on Forrest Street would be sold off as housing, the income from which would be used to build the stadium.

However, the controversial issue for some appeared to be the use of the grass playing parks in McAnulty (Stonefield) Public Park being asset transferred for the stadium site. The grass parks are extremely well maintained, rolled with recent drainage improvements and already in use often by many local clubs. Proximity to existing homes was a concern also raised.

The proposals prompted much discussion with further assurances for existing clubs, community organisations and individuals clearly still to be sought.

Further public consultation is proposed prior to negotiations and planning.

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