Alert – Thief on the Prowl

An alert goes out this evening to ensure your car and home windows and doors are locked overnight, after a male was seen trying vehicles and homes in a Blantyre Street.

This image from CCTV observed a male casually trying several car doors in Swinburne Avenue during the early hours of Thursday 12 December 2019 between 12.05 and 12.20.

He was unsuccessful and headed off out the culdesac.

This type of opportunistic crime is always on the rise at this time of year, especially around the time when people are buying or wrapping presents. Don’t leave anything in your cars. Keep presents out of sight and away from windows.

Local residents believe this is the same guy as several months ago. As with this incident, in the first instance ALWAYS call the police if you see anything suspicious.


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  1. We have had cars in our street, being scrapped on sides and nails under the tyres, a suspect was spotted, he was fat with long greasy hair, and dressed very dirty, so people keep your eyes out for this person, we had a problem a few years ago, with the same type of crime.

    1. Street is , sorry – Wheatlandhead Court.

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