Housing Concerns: A Statement

Blantyre Cllr Bert Thomson recently sent in a statement for publication here. He writes, “For too long Logan Street has been disregarded, been left behind and residents have not been listened too. It is time for real consultation, meaningful productive dialogue, investment and a clear vision for the area. 

If after consultation if a real desire is there, then a proposal to demolish and rebuild Logan Street must be considered.  Residents would be offered first choice of new build homes, homes built to high standard with open space public areas. Mandatory 20 mph speed limits. Sufficient lighting, a build where residents are involved throughout construction.

This is an idea that should be put to residents. If they say yes then we should start to progress the project.  There is an explosion of anti-social behaviour, reports of vermin in the area, houses that the council cannot get filled. If we do not take decisive action, then things will not recover.

I would like to see council bring forward a plan to this group and residents showing clear direction – giving hope to the local community. A new Logan Street a new beginning. Political differences set aside, councillors working in unison for the good of Blantyre. Looking forward to comments and observations., Cllr Bert Thomson”

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