Heading for Level Four?

Level four may well be coming for the west of Scotland including us here in Blantyre. All the government indicators suggest we may be about to move from tier 3 to tier 4 in the coming days.

The Scottish Government has said is it likely, but not inevitable although there are still some large concerns about the infection rate in Glasgow and Lanarkshire.

The First Minister explained, “Where we have stubbornly high prevalence, if we want to protect our NHS and if we want to get to a point at Christmas where we might be able to have a bit of easing of restrictions, albeit that will be very careful, then we need to get that prevalence down more right now.”

In level four bars and restaurants, non-essential shops, gyms and indoor sports facilities would close, very much close to the style of lockdown we all endured in Spring and early Summer – but this time the schools would remain open.

A decision is expected tomorrow with changes expected to take effect from Friday.

Have your say. Do YOU think we’re about to go into Level 4?

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