David Livingstone Birthplace Reopening Date!

Exciting news today! The museum at Shuttle Row, which was birthplace to famous explorer, David Livingstone will re-open on 28th July 2021!

Following a wonderful £9.1m renovation, the state of the art museum is now rebranded as David Livingstone Birthplace and will re-interpret his story for a new generation, telling his life-story from multiple perspectives, from his humble beginnings as a Blantyre mill-worker to becoming a world famous adventurer.

A brand new cafe and excellent playpark will open very soon, earlier than the museum and we’ll be bringing you more news on that this week.

The Museum itself, when open on Wednesday 28th July will open from 10am – 5pm, 7 days a week. Tickets can be bought on site or here online, the link now live : https://book.dltrust.uk

More Information:

David Livingstone Birthplace is the only small independent museum in Scotland that is dedicated not only to preserving the legacy of David Livingstone, but importantly examining his work within the complex and painful realities of slavery, colonialism and Nineteenth Century European attitudes about African people and community groups. This puts the museum and therefore Blantyre, in a unique position to be central to discussions around Scotland’s role in slavery and colonisation and how that is represented both in the interpretation of David Livingstone’s story and the objects held within the museum. 

This incredible long awaited transformation is going to once again put Blantyre on the map and it’s hoped that generations of children, and adults alike will learn all there is to know about this town’s most famous son and the enduring legacy he left.

Photo Courtesy: Blantyre Telegraph

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