Power Cuts – Update

Power cuts to the east side of Blantyre continued today, Tuesday 25th January 2022, after some significant disruption for many people yesterday.

The issue was located near the Auchinraith Roundabout, High Blantyre where SP Energy Networks had set up to undertake emergency repairs to an 11KV cable, which had been affecting properties around but not confined to, Timbertown, Auchinraith Road, Craig Street and Logan Street. The emergency repair notice SP300-Q701749S (3092607) stated that work could take up to 10 days for a complex repair, however goof progress seems to have been made.

SP Energy Networks have been working hard to resolve the affected areas and have now restored power to G329HN, G720GH, G720NE, G720NG, G720NL, G720NR, G720PA, G720PB, G720PD, G720PE, G720PF, G720PR, G720PU, G720PZ, G720QB, G720QF, G720QH, G720WT, G720WU, G720WW, G720WX, G720XR, G720XS, G720XU, G720XX, G721AA, ML31AA, G720WW, G720XR, G720XS, G720XU and G720XX.

Their service status has now cleared, meaning, they are of the opinion this is now fixed.

To report a power cut or damage to electricity power lines, call the new national Freephone number 105.

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