First Bus Driver Vacancies

First Bus, the largest bus operator in the local area is offering its driver fleet an overtime rate of £25/hour.

As a shortage of bus drivers continues, and despite recruitment bonuses offered, the company still has vacancies within its Blantyre, Overtown, Scotstown, Dumbarton and Caledonia depots.

A First Bus spokesperson said that the pay rise is a short-term measure.

The firm’s operations director Linda Shield added: “We have introduced a new overtime pay rate of £25 per hour for our existing drivers to help in attempts to reduce the number of lost miles from our services as a result of the current industry-wide driver shortage.

“This is a short-term trial rate available to First Glasgow drivers who will commit to working an additional day per week for a set amount of time, allowing us the time to train new bus drivers that will help to cover the shortfall in the longer-term.”

The rate is £3 more per hour than a registered nurse earns, almost double that of a newly qualified police constable and more than two times the average hourly rate of a Scottish care home worker.


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  1. Think there problem is man management skills

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