Blantyre Tribute to Andy Goram

It’s been confirmed that the funeral cortege of the late Andy Goram will travel through Blantyre, along Glasgow Road and will pass by the famous Stonefield Tavern.

The funeral of the well known Rangers star, which takes place on Monday 18th July 2022 will pass through Blantyre as it heads toward Ibrox. There’s great significance of the route, given Andy’s affiliation with Blantyre and Stonefield Tavern (Teddies), directly passing by a place of his former business, a popular place to frequent and of course the pub being a place of dear friends, one of whom is current owner, Stan Gordon.

We’re sure Stan and the whole community will want to give Andy the send off he deserves.

Andy sadly passed away from cancer on 2nd July, leaving devastated friends and family. He was 58.


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  1. What is the scheduled time for Andy Goram’s cortege to go through Blantyre

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