Callum’s Quick Thinking

Now here’s a remarkable story worth sharing far and wide! PC’s Young and Burrell visited an exceptional young boy in Blantyre this week, to award him with a Certificate of Recognition for quick thinking and bravery. 

On Monday, 29th May 2023, Callum’s dad took unwell at their home address in Blantyre, Lanarkshire. Callum immediately rushed to his aid and called 999.

Callum sometimes finds communication difficult, but in his dad’s time of need, he did an outstanding job of remaining calm and getting the help he needed. We’re pleased to tell you that Callum’s dad is now doing well and looking forward to seeing Callum and his brother again. 

Lanarkshire Police are incredibly proud of Callum, and we can’t thank him enough! We’d appreciate it if you could show your appreciation for Callum so his family can read him the comments.

Well done Callum. This was incredible quick thinking and very brave. If a family member would like to get in touch, we’ll also make sure we arrange a wee treat for Callum.



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  1. Looking good in that policeman’s hat Callum.
    Maybe you can get that certificate framed.
    Be proud young man and best wishes to your Dad.

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