Category: Traffic

Tailbacks on Expressway

Delays Be aware as of 6.30pm and ongoing this evening Friday 22 February 2019, there are significant queues forming on the EK Expressway on the approaches to Blantyre. A vehicle is broken down and as of 6.50pm is currently being recovered at the side of the road. Traffic is backed up through the new underpass, […]

Hunthill Road Jam

Best avoid Hunthill Road. Some kind of traffic accident or incident has happened near the former Janitors House, not far from the top cross.  The incident happened around 5.20pm today Friday 18 January 2019 and looks to have involved the bus. Traffic is currently tailed back right down Hunthill Road.

DVLA Impounding Vehicles

DVLA low loader lorries have been out today, Thursday 10 January 2019 in the Blantyre and Cambuslang areas. They appear to have removed untaxed cars that were clamped a couple of weeks ago, (presumably for failure to pay the previously issued penalty notices.)