Hamilton Rd Speed Concerns

Several residents of the new Greenhall Village Housing estate have written to us with concerns about the excessive speed of traffic on Hamilton Road, High Blantyre.

The problem is highlighted even further with the schools going back and families having to walk to school alongside the busy road.

A number of measures already exist to try to make the road safer, namely two new pedestrian crossings, central islands, and painted chevrons. This also followed our successful road safety campaign in February 2016 to get the 30mph sign moved back from Shott House to the top of the hill at Greenhall Park entrance, ahead of construction work, rather than after. In addition, existing electronic sign warn if drivers go over 30mph.

However, despite all this, vehicles are still speeding down off the Expressway slip. One resident told us, “The road switches from a 60 mph limit to a 30 very quickly. Cars driving from Blantyre Main Street towards the estate encounter a blind spot at the corner of Shott House and often drive too fast.”

“The council have stated in a letter to me this is a safe walking route. This is unacceptable and an accident waiting to happen. I have been crossing with a pram and young child while cars come racing along the road. “

Another resident told us a few weeks ago, “Can nothing further be done to reduce the speed of cars on Hamilton Road. Many drivers don’t hit the brakes until Shott, rather than slowing down beside our new houses.”

Have you been affected by this or witnessed vehicles speeding in this area? What could be done to improve safety?

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