Category: Crime

Bins stolen from Rosebank Avenue

Residents of Rosebank Avenue, Blantyre have been left upset this weekend after discovering somebody is stealing their wheelie bins. In the last 24 hours or so, three wheelie bins have gone missing from this street with angry and puzzled residents facing replacement bills. An alert goes out in the Village area, to look out for […]

Anybody found Wallets?

Two wallets have been stolen in Blantyre. Has anybody found a black nike wallet or a black Calvin Klein wallet with red writing? A works bag has went missing from the boot of a car on Friday night. There wasn’t much in the bag but the owner did have those 2 wallets in it. Very […]

Grave Items Stolen

Unfortunately, we’re hearing about items being stolen from graves in Priestfield Cemetery again. As hard to believe that anybody can be so low to steal from graves but thats what happened again in High Blantyre. Local woman Alice Swan has had enough. Following items stolen from her brother’s grave, she has set up a petition […]

Coatshill Handles Tried

An alert goes out tonight after messages coming in about door handles being tried in Coatshill. Door handles are being tried by an intoxicated male at Carlowrie Avenue, after 9pm tonight, Saturday 3rd October 2020. He’s around 5’5 height grey joggies navy jacket more of stalky build. He seems to have left the street and […]

Public Decency Offence

Police were called to Stonefield Public Park yesterday after a man was observed committing a public decency offence. The male was observed sitting on a park bench on Friday 18 September in the sunshine with a bag on his lap. However, his hands were below the bag, and it quickly became apparent to others nearby, […]

Thefts at Glenfruin Road

Residents in Glenfruin Road have highlighted thefts which took place in their gardens last week. A lawnmower and two heavy plant pots were stolen from gardens on the Blantyre street! The lawnmower went missing sometime last week. A female resident told us, “We’re at Glenfruin Road. Columba Path is across the road and Iona path […]

Man Shot Dead Outside Home

Further information is now available from official sources about yesterday’s heavy police presence in High Blantyre. It has been reported Nationally, that a 26 year old man was shot dead outside his home in Caithness Street, High Blantyre around 5.00pm, yesterday Monday 17 August 2020. Police are now investigating and as of 6pm tonight, Tuesday […]

Thefts & Break-ins at Park Lane

Break ins and theft from properties has seemed quieter in Blantyre during lockdown, so how disappointing now to see a return to lowlife nighttime prowlers out to steal. We’ve unfortunately received a couple of messages today from different people who had items stolen overnight last night. The thefts appear to have taken place in and […]