Category: Crime

High Blantyre Vandalised

We’re putting up a financial reward for information which leads to the successful conviction of the disgusting individual(s) who have been tagging High Blantyre this week. Police are now involved due to the widespread nature of this crime. As authorities request homeowners and shops to check their CCTV footage, we’re utterly disgusted to see how […]

Scam Alert

Warning tonight! Some absolute lowlife created a new profile pretending to be us and has been messaging people saying they’ve won a competition. If YOU get this message, don’t click their links. We’ll NEVER ask you to compete registration for anything and certainly would NEVER ask you for credit card details. The fake profile looks […]

Defrosting Vehicles

Icy weather is here and with it brings opportunity for thieves. Please do not leave your car unattended whilst you defrost your windows. It may be tempting to go back inside for 5 minutes, and Icy windows are an inconvenience but a stolen vehicle is worse! If the keys are inside, you should be too! […]

Hamilton Services Theft

Police Scotland is appealing for information after alcohol worth over £21,000 was stolen from a lorry parked at Hamilton Services, M74 northbound. Seven pallets of spirits and whisky were stolen sometime between 7.30pm on Tuesday, 22 November and 3.30am on Wednesday, 23 November, 2022. Detective Sergeant Victoria Murray of Cambuslang CID said : “We are […]

Alert: Youth Disorder High Blantyre

We’ve received reports tonight of youth disorder at High Blantyre. Just before 8pm tonight, on Friday 11th November, a group of youths purposely targeted a greenhouse in Greenhall Place, near Kirkton Park, before returning 10 minutes later to destroy the rest of it. The greenhouse belonged to an elderly resident and police are now involved. […]

Range Rover Theft

A black Range Rover was stolen from High Blantyre last night. It was taken from outside the owner’s house and worryingly the keys were still in the house and not accessed. The thieves appear to have picked the locks and used a key coding machine to access and start the vehicle. The vehicle was too […]

Van Broken Into

A van was broken into at Cameron Way, Blantyre in the early hours of Saturday 30th July 2022. The location was just off Cowan Wilson Avenue and unfortunately, an electrician’s hand tools were stolen. Drills, a compact driver, 24volt sds drill, 54v sds drill, a circular saw, test kits, and ipad pro were taken during […]