Category: Crime

Greenhall Village Handles Tried

A first for us in having to report crime at the new Greenhall Village, High Blantyre. Residents in Shott Drive, Greenhall Village woke up today to a disturbing scene. Several of their door handles in the new Avant Homes estate in High Blantyre had been tampered with, in what is perceived to be attempted break-ins. […]

Wheatlands Knife Find

A local lady who wishes to remain anonymous, made a startling discovery this morning in her street at the Wheatlands, Blantyre. She found a large kitchen knife lying in the middle of the road after leaving home earlier today Tuesday 9th April 2019. She told us, “I feel I need to make the rest of […]

Village Arrests Made

Many people were asking us 2 weeks ago what was taking place at the Livingstone Centre after residents saw police cars hurling down Station Road. As promised, we now have more information from police. On Tuesday 26 March 2019, local residents contacted police after spotting people breaking into one of the works portacabins at David […]

High Blantyre Vehicles Targeted

Following up on reports of vehicle break-ins last night in High Blantyre, we now have more information. It would appear there are nighttime prowlers working to break into vehicles in Blantyre. Working as a trio, three males were spotted in the early hours of the morning Wednesday 02 April 2019, attempting to break into multiple […]

Prowler at Devondale Avenue

A woman saw an intruder in her back garden last night in Coatshill. This follows a similar incident the night before in a nearby area. This time, on evening of Sunday 24 March 2019, a female resident of Devondale Avenue, Coatshill was concerned by her dog suddenly “going nuts”, barking. She went to her back […]

Knife Found in Garden

A woman living in Blantyre contacted police today after discovering a knife in her back garden. The shocking discovery was made at the side of a house in Lintlaw, Coatshill today Sunday 24 March 2019. When she investigated further, she found that somebody had been prowling around, had climbed over her fence and unlocked a […]