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As a non-profit news service, we rely wholly on Fundraising from organisations and public donations from individuals. Make SPECIAL things happen in Blantyre. 

Please help us reach our Fundraising Targets below by supporting our Campaigns. Donate safely by Paypal or Card from as little as only £2.00.

  1. Blantyre Toy Drive 2021

    The Annual Blantyre Toy Drive is back! Throughout November until 10th December 2021, we're raising funds to buy toys which will be donated this Christmas to local children. In conjunction with Agnews and Glen Travel, Blantyre Telegraph hopes to buy many, many toys and have Santa give them out for FREE to local families in mid December, just ahead of Christmas. We're hoping to light up loads of little faces (from babies to age 12) and hope you can make a small contribution to help. This has been a tremendous success in previous years and we hope with some festive kindness, to make it another memorable campaign. Payment is by Paypal or card on a secure server. We don't hold any of your details. Please donate whatever you can. Thanks.
    £ 425.00 donated of £ 1,000.00 goal
  2. Annual Running Costs

    It costs Blantyre Telegraph £235 to run per year in hosting costs ($300 Business Plan on Wordpress) plus £20 domain renewal. We hope you can help us out by donating a few pounds in return for continuing to enjoy the news for free. We're hoping to raise this amount before Renewal for January 2022.
    £ 52.00 donated of £ 255.00 goal
  3. Miner’s Memorial

    2021 Campaign to raise funds with the Miners Welfare for engraving 215 names into the Dixon's Obelisk to remember all the Blantyre men and boys who died in 1877.
    £ 227.00 donated of £ 500.00 goal

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