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As a non-profit news service, we rely wholly on Fundraising from organisations and public donations from individuals. Make SPECIAL things happen in Blantyre. 

Please help us reach our Fundraising Targets below by supporting our Campaigns. Donate safely by Paypal or Card from as little as only £2.00.

  1. Repairs to Rowan Hall

    Helping Blantyre Soccer Academy do up their new premises.
    £ 8.00 donated of £ 100.00 goal
  2. Repair Gravestones

    Repairing Gravestone for others in need, 1 grave at a time. Long term project.
    £ 0.00 donated of £ 199.00 goal
  3. Two Xmas Street Lights

    Improving Glasgow Road xmas lights, a little better each year. To give to Council. For 31 Oct 2019.
    £ 0.00 donated of £ 550.00 goal
  4. Repairs to Terminal One

    We're hoping to raise funds to help with repairs to kids Youth Club, Terminal One
    £ 0.00 donated of £ 100.00 goal
  5. Planters for Railings

    We're raising money to buy re-usable Railing Planters to decorate High Blantyre Main Street this summer. Please donate if you can.
    £ 0.00 donated of £ 140.00 goal
  6. Website Hosting

    Our hosting services costs around £19.99 a month. Please help us meet our necessary annual costs before 31/1/20
    £ 5.00 donated of £ 235.00 goal
  7. Domain Renewal

    Our Domain Website requires renewal on an Annual Basis before 31/1/20
    £ 5.00 donated of £ 39.00 goal