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BOCS Group Flourishing

The Blantyre Official Coronavirus Support Group continue to be most grateful for the tremendous amount of donations and support they’re getting from the community. Ten months on the kindness within the community continues to be as apparent and welcomed as it was back in March last year. The BOCS group set up by Telegraph at […]

Graham’s Rainbow – Food Donation

The volunteers at charitable organisation, “Graham’s Rainbow” are extremely overwhelmed with this week’s fantastic food collection response. A spokesperson told us, “Our team sat in the snow for 2 hours collecting parcels from the community to help Rumbling Tums with their food bank – we just want to say a massive thank you to each […]

Takeaway Alliance Expands

Following our popular post last week about the Takeaway Alliance, a collection of businesses helping to feed local children for FREE, we’re thrilled to see 4 local businesses being added to the venture! Blantyre Subway, Grade A, Really Awesome Coffee and The Cafe have all agreed to take part so a BIG thanks for all […]

Graham’s Rainbow Food Collection

Local Charitable group, “Graham’s Rainbow” is hosting a food collection this week, to donate to “rumbling tums” They’ll have a drop off point in High Blantyre car park on Thursday 14th January 2021 from 5.00 – 7.00pm for anyone who would like to donate some food to worthy causes. Organisers have asked anybody donating to […]

Charity Single Released

Glasgow Philharmonia SCIO (SC047789) are well known for their big performances up and down the country. But for the first time ever, they have released a charity single and we know there are some Blantyre individuals taking part! Recorded at the end of 2020, following all Covid regulations, with the band recording from their houses, […]

Free Meals Continue to Roll Out

How amazing it’s been this week to see such kindness at the “Blantyre Bites Back” initiative. After the success before Christmas, free meals continued to roll out again from 28th December, being delivered by Blantyre Community Trust, Blantyre Soccer Academy and their volunteers all over Blantyre, direct to those who need them. An incredible kindness, […]

Recce Group’s New Recruits

You may remember we recently posted about the ‘Rust & Restoration’ Project? The ‘Western Desert Recce Group’ have new premises in High Blantyre and  announced that they are actively looking for new members to join them.  The group is a small Charity that provides interesting opportunities for volunteers to work on restoring WW1 and WW2 military vehicles. […]