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Christmas Gift Drive

Local lady Abbie Mitchell has organised a fantastic Christmas Gift Drive! Abbie told us, “This year I have decided to donate gift bags to Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas and the deadline for drop off is December 4th. Every child deserves to have a gift on Christmas morning but sadly not all get that luxury. I […]

Toy Donation Question

We’re being asked if there’s anywhere in Blantyre that are taking used, good quality toys in near new condition. The idea is to help families out, especially at the run up to Xmas time. One woman told us, “I’ve had a clear out and have loads of toys that would make someone’s xmas better. Giving […]

Upgrade to Supporter Today!

Support ‘Chase the Rainbow Blantyre’ Join over 200 Supporters to instantly unlock Breaking Local News, Alerts, Crime Stories and loads more extra content! Pictured are just some of the articles you’ll have missed this week if you haven’t yet clicked the “Support Now” button. Been a newsworthy week. Supporters have been reading about crime in […]

Helping Community Volunteers

During the last 7 months, we’ve seen many incredible volunteering efforts in Blantyre, but there’s one particular lady we’ve been immensely impressed with. Avril Keenan has baked over 4,800 cupcakes and faithfully delivered them every day for FREE to individuals and businesses all over Blantyre! An incredible endeavour which has lifted the spirits of everybody.You […]

New Defibrillator for High Blantyre

How’s about this for a fantastic good news story! High Blantyre is getting a new defibrillator thanks to the successful fundraising efforts of local woman Laura Jane Thomson! We reported last week how Laura was hoping to raise £1,500 to buy new life saving equipment for Blantyre. Throughout last week she embarked on a roller […]

Our September Fundraising

It’s a new month and the total is in for September fundraising here at Blantyre Telegraph. We’re delighted to announce a very healthy £415.32 was raised for Blantyre good causes! Added to our overall fundraising total to date, it means Blantyre Telegraph (and its readers) have now raised a whopping £33,759 since the page started in 2011! […]

Roller Skating for a Defibrillator

A Blantyre woman is well on her way to raising funds for a new Defibrillator for High Blantyre. Laura Thomson is hoping to raise enough money to purchase at least two of these units along with outdoor storage cabinets that can be easily unlocked and keep the units in top condition. One possible location will […]