Category: Notices

Extinction Rebellion March

Extinction Rebellion Protestors are nearing the end of their 8 week March from the south of England up to Glasgow ahead of the COP26 and they are set to pass through Blantyre. Around 30 climate activists set off from London on 8th September on a march up to Glasgow, passing through Lockerbie, Johnstonebridge, Moffat, Abington, […]

Blantyre Services Signage

The tall illuminated sign at Blantyre Services has been erected this morning. Contractors turned up with a crane today, Friday 8th October 2021 to install the large, EG Group Signage on Hillhouse Road. Entrance to the fuel station is via the Redburn Farm entrance, opposite the refuse tip. Please be aware earlier this morning, the […]

Contactless Limit Increasing

The limit on contactless spends is increasing to £100. Shoppers will be able to pay for goods up to this value from 15th October, as the limit increases from the current £45. It’s the second increase in two years. For many this may be good news, with more flexibility to pay for food shopping or […]

Update Discoloured Tapwater

Parts of Lanarkshire are unfortunately still experiencing discoloured tapwater with further prolonged rainfall needed to resolve the water discolouration. Today’s rain has helped the situation significantly. In a statement posted yesterday 29th September, Scottish Water said, “We are continuing to work as hard as possible to help the small number of customers still experiencing water […]

Breaking: Fuel Purchase Limits

BREAKING: NEWS EG Group is imposing a £30 limit on purchases of fuel due to “unprecedented customer demand”. As people have been panic buying fuel today, limits are no in force nationally for EG Group Petrol Stations. Demand at petrol stations around Blantyre has been higher than normal today with some queues forming in the […]