Category: Environment

Morning Lava Sky

You would have to have been hidden away not to notice all the amazing photos online of the stunning morning sky earlier today. Skies above Scotland were lit up around 7am in the most dramatic fashion, the sky itself flaming red, like burning lava. With thanks to Chic Buchanan and Joanne McArthur for sending in […]

More Fly Tipping

Yet more fly tipping at the Calder! This latest mess has been dumped just over the Milheugh Bridge at the bottom of Lindsey Hill. It seems to be waste of renovation building materials, kingspan insulation and the like. Just tipped at the side of the road by some morally devoid individual.

Shocking Tipping at the Calder

This is the disgusting scene today at the Pech Brae, at the Calder! Literally everything AND the kitchen sink! Two baths, a toilet and all the stripped fittings from what looks like multiple bathroom and kitchen renovations. Somebody must recognise this?! Tipped at the side of the road opposite Niaroo, this horrible mess has now […]

Housing Concerns: A Statement

Blantyre Cllr Bert Thomson recently sent in a statement for publication here. He writes, “For too long Logan Street has been disregarded, been left behind and residents have not been listened too. It is time for real consultation, meaningful productive dialogue, investment and a clear vision for the area.  If after consultation if a real […]

Playpark Fundraiser Closing Soon

Our six month fundraiser to raise money towards Blantyre’s new playpark is coming to an end. There’s just 11 days left if you would still like to contribute towards the new playpark for the Village in Blantyre. To be located at the David Livingstone Birthplace, the project is being managed by David Livingstone Trust and […]

Free Bulk Uplifts

As bulk uplifts resume, South Lanarkshire are on a drive to tidy everywhere up by offering residents five weeks of free uplifts. Council workers have been out tackling the backlog since lockdown restrictions were lifted. People can currently request an uplift on the council’s website, with up to 2 free household uplifts during the first […]

Greenhall Mess

Just look at this! This was the disgusting scene today at the entrance to Greenhall Park, High Blantyre. Some lowlife has tipped this lot on the road at the entrance to the park. Hopefully it can be identified by the royal blue bath sitting there on the road. Residents vented their anger in lots of […]