Category: Environment

Save the Herald Clock

In 1941, a beautiful, large sandstone clock was donated by Mrs Janet Herald to the David Livingstone Centre in Blantyre. Now 78 years later, the clock is abandoned inside Shuttle Row and has sadly fallen into considerable disrepair. Indeed, unfortunately, and, with lots of deliberation, the decision was taken by the David Livingstone Trust that the clock needs to […]

Trenching Gravestones

A process to make ‘at risk’ gravestones, safer has begun in Blantyre Cemeteries. The process called “Trenching” started on Monday in Priestfield Cemetery. If you recall, last year South Lanarkshire Council assessed all gravestones in Blantyre. Those which were deemed ‘unsafe’ or at risk of toppling were propped up by a wooden post with a […]

Redlees Park, Rural Mess

Disappointing to see the mess at Redlees Park this week. The public space just off Blantyreferme is unsightly with litter almost everywhere, bins overflowing, tyres discarded and plastic on the side of verges. Disappointing to see the sign removed for the life ring and indeed the ring itself missing, which is only there to save […]

Fly Tipping at Greenhall

Disappointing to see the latest blatant fly tipping at Greenhall, High Blantyre. This mess has been left beside the carpark over the weekend. Timber, plywood and drywall. Not any attempt to hide it or tip at a remote roadside. Just causally and mindlessly dumped in a public park, one of Blantyre’s most scenic areas. Idiots.

Flash Flooding Craigton Place

Some more evidence of last night’s flash flooding. Residents at Craigton Place, Blantyre shared this photo showing how overwhelmed the storm drains were early evening Saturday 03 August 2019. Water was bubbling up through manhole gratings, lifting covers with the force of the rainwater. With drains at capacity, flooding at the bottom of Craigton Place […]