Category: Environment

Immaculate Park

Big Tidy up!Just look at this! Another well done to Blantyre Community Committee tonight. This is the scene this evening down at the Public Park. Dedicated people, staying behind this evening to ensure the park is immaculate and completely litter free.  You would never guess that THOUSANDS of people have been partying here since Thursday evening! Full […]

Is our Heritage in Danger?

Is our High Blantyre Heritage in danger? We’ve been following this very closely the last few weeks and concerned by recent developments this week in particular, after discussions with readers messaging the page. Improvement works to the upper fields is one thing, but not at the expense of wiping out heritage or removing habitat currently […]

Incinerator Consent Still Valid

Blantyre Telegraph has learned that consent for an incinerator at Whistleberry is unfortunately still in place. This follows last weeks news that Clean Power Properties Ltd and West Wind Ventures Ltd had withdrawn their appeal. The appeal withdrawn on 30th May 2019 was actually for a large, revised incinerator, which thankfully will not proceed. Clean […]

Fly Tipping at Haughhead

More fly tipping! This time at Greyfriars, at Haughhead, just off Blantyreferme Road. What a mess. It appears nowhere is safe in our surrounding areas from the environmental detriment caused by those who deliberately and without morals, choose to tip illegally. Photo Courtesy: Hughes