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First Signs of Spring

It may be cold and still in the midst of an icy Winter, but there are definitely some signs appearing of new growth and springtime just around the corner. Like these snowdrops at High Blantyre for example, which have opened up this weekend, despite the cold temperatures. Another cold week is in store and we […]

Bin Collection Delays

Winter weather conditions continue to cause disruption to refuse collection schedules across South Lanarkshire. Some bins remain uncollected with some local residents reporting that their bins haven’t been emptied for over 2 weeks South Lanarkshire Council commented, “If you have been affected by the disruption, please leave unemptied bins at the kerbside and we will […]

Price of Carrier Bags Increases

The Scottish Government has doubled the price of carrier bags. In ongoing efforts to assist the environment and reduce plastic use, the minimum price of a single use carrier bag will increase from 5p to 10p on 1st April. There’s no doubt that the charge has already had a significant effect on the behaviour of […]

Bin Collection Delays

Some Wheelie Bins in Lanarkshire haven’t been emptied this week, as the weather caused delays in Council services. If your bin still has to be collected this week, please leave it out and South Lanarkshire Council advise they’ll get to it in due course. Have your say? Any particular streets still to have theirs uplifted?

Grit Bins – how to refill

Once again, conversation on our pages and messages at this time of year turns to Grit. We’re always asked for advice or more information about Grit Bins. However, did you know, there’s a great page on the Council website with all the info you’ll need about Grit?! From where your nearest Grit bin is, to […]

Black Ice on Roads

An alert goes out due to ice on local roads tonight, Sunday 3rd January 2021. Earlier rainfall today has now frozen over, on top of hard packed ice, with pavements and some Blantyre roads becoming ‘treacherous’. Please take care if you really have to go out.

Fly Tipping at Redlees

What a mess at Redlees Urban Park! This lot has been tipped this week right into the public car park, at the entrance. Some lowlife decided to turn off Blantyre ferme road and tipped this lot instead of going another mile to the open tip. It’s bad enough being in lockdown, but having to be […]

Livingstone Birthplace Progress

How about this for a fantastic photo of the David Livingstone Birthplace! This aerial shot was kindly shared by Iain Douglas and shows nicely the landscaping work undertaken so far outside Shuttle Row, the birthplace of explorer David Livingstone. It shows the new, open area to the left of the building, where there had previously […]