Category: Environment

Dog Injured by Calder Glass

Sadly, a dog was injured by shards of discarded glass in the Calder today. A local lady took her dog to the Calder today, Wednesday 17 April, as he loves to swim in the river. Unfortunately though, since she was last there, many discarded glass bottles have been thrown into the shallows of the river, […]

Broken Glass Mess at Priory

Residents have brought to our attention, the amount of broken glass bottles that are littered all over the Priory Playing fields, on the opposite side of the Railway from Coatshill. Broken bottles have caused a significant hazard for pets and people alike, a concern given the amount of dog walkers who use these fields, not […]

Timber Houses Residents Meeting

A second meeting to discuss external wall insulation plans has been arranged for residents of the Timber Houses, Blantyre. People are invited to come along to Priestfield Hall on Tuesday 23 April 2019 between 6pm and 7pm. This will be more of drop-in session by comparison to the first formal meeting, which was well attended. […]

More Fly Tipping

Unfortunately, there’s been more fly tipping at the Calder. This time whoever did it took time to dump their bags (and bedroom furniture) over the new railings, put there to prevent this sort of lowlife activity. Wasting the beautiful woodland for everybody. No moral fibre. Costing YOU more in council tax. Photo Courtesy: McCue

Kirkton Park Tidy up

The council have been out doing maintenance at High Blantyre Public Park. Yesterday afternoon Friday 29 March 2019, council work crews removed the old bark chips, replacing with brand new wood chippings all around the play equipment. It does look a lot cleaner and tidier.

Ladybirds enjoying sun

There was more than a hint of Spring in the air this morning. With some sunshine (at last!), buds are emerging on trees, daffodils are out and the re-appearance of insects. Blantyre’s, Anu Mihkelson saw this little ladybird (or ladybug) enjoying the warmth of the sun and took this quick snap this morning in Springwells. […]