Category: Environment

Tipping at Hallside

What a mess! This is Hallside Road, near Halfway after rubbish was tipped there earlier today, Friday 17 January 2020. A local lady observed a white van tipping the mess at the side of the road, but was driving herself and unable to get the registration. It was a works van. Perhaps you recognise the […]

Badger Rail Crossings

Network Rail has announced that during the last year, it has been working on dozens of sites to protect badgers from rail lines, trains and equipment. With environmental protection of the species duly considered, several badger crossing points and setts have been constructed, including some at Blantyre. (pictured) Railway embankments make ideal homes for badgers. […]

Fly Tipping at Redlees

A new year, but some things don’t change. Like Fly Tipping. This is the scene at Redlees Carpark, just off Blantyreferme Road which looks a mess having had a load of rubbish illegally tipped there during the last week. Not just making this beautiful place look unsightly, but ultimately costing us, the taxpayer more in […]

Great Recycling Idea for Trees

This is a fab idea to help the environment. There’s a project underway at Ayr which hopes to create sand dunes to protect the beach and coastline against erosion. The organisers are looking for your help. Do you have a real Christmas tree? Why don’t you bring down your old tree to Blackburn car park, […]

Recycling Your Trees

Are you ready to get rid of your real Christmas tree? Real, unwanted trees can be recycled in various ways throughout South Lanarkshire. If your tree is small enough, you can cut it down to fit in your burgundy bin with the lid closed and South Lanarkshire Council will collect it from the kerbside as […]

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice, the last of this decade! At last we can say it’s getting lighter again with longer days. By around 3 minutes every day. The actual moment of the solstice will occur around 04.19am in the UK, today Sunday 22nd December 2019 but many people recognise the whole solstice day, which is often the subject of […]