Category: Environment

More Fly Tipping

Yet more fly tipping in High Blantyre. This time in the Industrial Estate, just casually discarded at the side of the road, literally round the corner from the tip. Illegal dumping of rubbish is never going to stop anytime soon in country lanes around Blantyre, but we’re looking forward to it NOT being tipped directly […]

Tidying Verges

Work continued in Blantyre today with the Council out tidying up more verges. Removing fallen trees and trimming back overgrown bushes from paths and walkways. There’s still much to be done after nearly 4 months of suspended and reduced services. Its hoped that as we enter Phase 3, the easing of restrictions should make things […]

Tip Lifts further restrictions

From tomorrow (Thu 9 July) South Lanarkshire recycling centres will now be allowing single axle trailers to attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays. From Wednesday 15 July they will also be accepting metals. This is in addition to what’s already being accepted:– black bag waste– flattened cardboard– compostable garden waste– wood & laminate– soft furnishings, mattresses, carpets […]

Fly Tipping Near Blantyreferme

How’s about this for a spectacular example of vile disrespect. This was the scene this week on Manse Brae between Hallside and Westburn Road, leading to Blantyre Ferme Road. Just dumped, right off the back of a tipper into the middle of the road, effectively closing the road! Such moronic lowlifes. Disregard for the environment, […]

Grass Cutting at Blantyre

Bizarre to say the least! Grass cutting resumed in Blantyre again this week, but strangely at schools, (where there’s currently no pupils). Like this scene for example at St Joseph’s Primary School photographed today, Thursday 2nd July. All freshly cut, but leaving the verges at adjacent Park Lane 2 foot high! The long grass has […]

Mouthwatering Strawberries

We’ve been enjoying seeing how people kept busy during the recent lockdown. Lots of people in Blantyre for example took to gardening and growing fruit and veg for the first time. Bernadette Watt in Stewart Avenue decided to grow strawberries, something that’s paying dividends now, with her first juicy crop. Looks delicious!