Category: Environment

Redlees Vandalism & Litter

Local dog walkers and visitors to Redlees Park have been astounded this week by the mess, amount of vandalism and litter appearing since last week. Damaged trees, litter, cans and bottles thrown all over the place, as well as damage to the former AA Battery, located near Blantyreferme. The concerned sender of these photos has […]

Discoloured Water?

We’re hearing reports that some residents in High Blantyre, especially around the Industrial Estate have discoloured water today, Tuesday 23 April 2019. Advice from Scottish Water is to keep running it until it runs clear. Is your street affected?

African Sand Settles in Scotland

You may have noticed something unusual today, Tuesday 23rd April 2019 on your cars or windows. The recent hot weather has brought sand from Africa up through Europe and now its cooling down with a fresh breeze, has fallen, lightly sprinkling cars and property today. Windows of houses are affected too, with people commenting that […]

Bag it! Don’t throw it down

Calder Clean up With the good weather and so many people expected to come along to Milheugh at the Calder today, a little reminder to bag your rubbish, rather than throwing it down. Also, if you’re coming to the Calder with friends after today’s event, please do bring a bin bag for any glass. The […]

Dog Injured by Calder Glass

Sadly, a dog was injured by shards of discarded glass in the Calder today. A local lady took her dog to the Calder today, Wednesday 17 April, as he loves to swim in the river. Unfortunately though, since she was last there, many discarded glass bottles have been thrown into the shallows of the river, […]

Broken Glass Mess at Priory

Residents have brought to our attention, the amount of broken glass bottles that are littered all over the Priory Playing fields, on the opposite side of the Railway from Coatshill. Broken bottles have caused a significant hazard for pets and people alike, a concern given the amount of dog walkers who use these fields, not […]