Category: Environment

Pupils Clean the Calder

Blantyre’s looking a little tidier than normal! That’s thanks to a large group of pupils from High Blantyre Primary who joined Environmental organisations, ‘Bonnie Blantyre’ and ‘Friends of the Calder’ in tidying up large areas of our local Calder woodland. Thirty nine P1 and P7 pupils immersed themselves in hard work to collect 18 bags […]

Paint Promptly Cleaned

Following our story earlier this afternoon about white paint being thrown all over Stonefield Public Park Pavements, we have some better news! South Lanarkshire Council have now very promptly, cleaned every trace of it, as tonight’s pictures show! Earlier this evening, Saturday 02 March 2019, Council workers came out , not just on a weekend, […]

Unexpected Visitor

A resident in the Village had an unexpected visitor today, when this newt turned up on her doorstep. Whilst that may be a strange sight for most of us, to Alison Walker Hill, it was something that happens often. She told us, “They often come in my door. Flies, which they feed on, are attracted […]

Bag It. Take it Away

Well….one point for the person who took time to bag their dogs mess at Morven Lane earlier today. BUT, lose a point for just leaving it on a concrete post for passing curious children coming out of the nearby school! If you bag it, take it away or dispose of it in a bin! Nobody […]

Calder Cleanup

High Blantyre Pupils Day out! Well done to the 39 pupils of High Blantyre Primary who today Friday 15 February 2019 joined forces with environmental groups “Bonnie Blantyre” and “Friends of the Calder” to clean up the calder woodland.  As you can see, the clean up event was a great success and they had a […]