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More Calderside Rubbish

Not days after it was lifted by authorities, there’s yet more rubbish been tipped at Calderside, in exactly the same place! This time, worse with 16 bags just casually dumped at the side of the road. So unsightly. These inconsiderate idiots have no regard for others, or the environment. Local refuse and recycling centres are […]

Fly Tipping Escalates

We’ve been highlighting the growing extent of fly tipping around Blantyre this week. This latest mess is at Calderside Road, High Blantyre and photographed earlier today by an anonymous reader. National media has been highlighting the escalating problem in recent days with BBC Scotland this evening creating further awareness asking people to refrain from dumping […]

Shameful Fly Tipping

We’ve posted a few times this week about fly tipping at various places in Blantyre. As the tips remain closed this week, reopening of recycling centres is currently under review. Our recent poll this week had over 3,400 people taking part and concluded that 92% of you think it’s the right time to re-open tips […]

Fly Tipping at Springwells

C’mon folks. We can do better than this surely?! Looks like rubbish has been tipping beside Springwell Hall, Blantyre. As discussions ramp up about the possible re-opening of refuse centres in the near future, let’s ensure we keep Blantyre tidy and clean. Double bag rubbish left outside. If your wheelie bin is full, perhaps ask […]

Calder Mess!

What a mess at the Calder today! Several people have contacted us today about this new mess. As refuse tips remain closed, more and more instances of blatant fly tipping are occurring in rural area all around Blantyre. This was the scene today, Saturday 9th May 2020 at the Calder next to Milheugh Bridge. Somebody […]

Blantyre Kids Caring Clean Up

More local kids have been keeping busy keeping the public parks clean during lockdown. This time it was the turn of kind hearted Eva Clare O’Neil and her caring friend, Sam Rae who both stay on Station Road. A couple of days ago, both kids wanted to do something to keep Blantyre beautiful and carried […]

Fly Tipping at High Blantyre

What a mess! This was the scene this week at Calderside Road in High Blantyre. Up, just beyond the Crematorium, fly tipping is rife, a growing problem during the Covid19 Crisis. Local public tips are still closed and some people are resorting to drastic measures like this, which looks like mostly domestic rubbish including many […]

Welcome to Blantyre

Just catching up on some messages. Gemma Turner sent in this lovely photo earlier in the week showing the ‘Welcome to Blantyre’ sign in all its glory, complete with NHS addition. Beautifully set under a tree in full blossom and a sunny Blantyre blue sky!