Category: Environment

Fly Tipping at Haughhead

More fly tipping! This time at Greyfriars, at Haughhead, just off Blantyreferme Road. What a mess. It appears nowhere is safe in our surrounding areas from the environmental detriment caused by those who deliberately and without morals, choose to tip illegally. Photo Courtesy: Hughes

Land for Sale

A large area of 149 acres is up for sale at Calderside, High Blantyre. Productive 3.2 and Grade 4.2 arable and grassland, the land at Calderside is in fairly close proximity to East Kilbride with areas of amenity woodland along the Calderwood Glen. More information can be found here:

Incinerator Appeal Withdrawn!

Just after 4pm today, Thursday 30th May 2019, it was announced that ‘Clean Power Ltd’, who had proposed a controversial Incinerator on our doorsteps at Whistleberry have officially withdrawn their appeal. The withdrawal effectively ends attempts at creating a waste facility at that location at that large scale, resulting in a victory for the local […]

Greyfriars – Wildlife

Photographs Thanks to John Smith who shared his stunning photographs of abundant wildlife and birds, pictured right on Blantyre’s doorstep. These were taken recently at the Haughead Bridge, just off Blantyreferme Road near the Golf Range. Always thankful that Blantyre is mostly surrounded by greenery, rivers and wildlife. A reminder of something very nice about […]

East Drumsagard Housing

Plans are afoot for 190 new homes to be built to the East of Drumsagard, at Halfway, on the outskirts of Blantyre. Proposals are still at an early stage at pre-planning. The development would be sited just a little west of Bardykes Chemicals, beyond Spittal. A public consultation event takes place next week. Any interested […]

Auchentibber Earthworks

If you’ve not been up to Auchentibber, High Blantyre for a while, you’ll certainly notice some big changes next time you’re there! Fields have been levelled, infilled and landscaped ready for re-sowing. Much of the roadside now has new fences, especially near Calderside. The improvement works are still ongoing. It’s an area going through a […]

Tap Water Issues

Blantyre We received some messages relating to water issues earlier today. Some discoloured tap water, others not having water all for a time. There are no open issues with Scottish Water this evening, so hope all is now ok. Have your say. Were YOU affected by water issues today?