Category: Alerts

Alert: Garden Prowler

Alerts about crime are normally reserved only for our Supporters Group, but given this has just happened and we received a couple of messages about it, the person may still be in the area and so we’re posting here. A Garden prowler has been spotted in Gordon Terrace, Priory Bridge tonight Thursday 16th December just […]

Road Lighting Not working

Street lights have been out for 5 nights in a row beyond the Westend and at parts of Coatshill, Blantyre. Scottish power have been working to repair an LV Fault near Glasgow Road which has resulted in the entire street lighting from the bend at Old Spittal bridge right along to Dunallan loop and also […]

Alert – Overflowing Sewers

An alert for Pedestrians, cyclists, dogwalkers and indeed anybody at Livingstone Crescent, Blantyre. The recent heavy rainfall has caused a sewer to overflow and the road is covered in sewage. (Human Waste). Take care as it looks like earth or dirt, but isn’t! We wouldn’t want anybody treading it into homes. Scottish Water have been […]

Parkburn Estate Fire

Emergency fire crews were called out to the Parkburn Industrial Estate in Blantyre today as a vehicle fire spread. Firefighters arrived on the scene near Springwells after 1pm today, Tuesday 13th July 2021 and were confronted by a van which had caught fire in the small Industrial Estate. Unfortunately, the fire quickly spread to an […]

Fire at Bellshill Industrial Estate

Few messages about this today. A huge fire erupted at a medical supply facility in Bellshill Trading estate. The outbreak happened around 7.30am this morning with an enormous plume of smoke seen for miles all around. We received some messages from worried commuters as it wasn’t immediately apparent this was taking place in Bellshill. There […]

Water Safety Awareness

The recent warm, sunny weather has seen an increase in kids playing in the River Clyde. Reports of children swimming in the water near Blantyre Weir have had nearby residents concerned when they were observed seemingly struggling against the current. The area around the former Blantyre Mills has seen over 40 drownings in the last […]

Rat Poison Alert

You may recall a few weeks ago we posted about rats being observed in Stonefield Public Park (McAnulty Park, Blantyre). They had been living in holes in the ground, not far from the sheltered houses. Environmental Services were called out to deal with the problem, but a few weeks later rats were still being seen. […]