Category: Alerts

More Damaged Vans

Following our post about a vandalised van this morning, we’ve decided to highlight a common issue with similar crimes. The stolen or damaged van is just one of three we know about in the Blantyre area in as many weeks. Three weeks ago another white works van was found at Manse Brae, then this one […]

Intermittent Power Cuts

We’ve received reports of intermittent power outages in the Blantyre area throughout the day. It seems to have started around 6.55am this morning, where power failures tripped house alarms and electrical devices around homes in High Blantyre. Subsequent reports show power outages occurred in Blantyre in the morning and into early afternoon. Were YOU affected […]

Shooting Range back in use

ATTENTION We would like to make members of the public aware that the shooting range and field training facility at Dechmont Range in Cambuslang, is now back in use. As people take to exercising outdoors again more and more, this news will be important for Blantyre and Cambuslang residents. The 150-acre site can be accessed […]

Glass Alert at Springwells

A quick alert just to make dog walkers and cyclists especially aware that there’s lots of broken glass strewn over the road near the Springwell Hall, Blantyre. If the fly tipping isn’t bad enough at that area, it looks like many bottles have been smashed on the carriageway. Please take care in this area which […]

Alert for Cyclists

A local Village resident has asked to put out this alert after finding thumb tacks and pins deliberately strewn over the pathway on the David Livingstone Memorial Bridge. Thinking it was just litter, she cleared them and was later shocked to find more had appeared, scattered again the very next day, looking like a deliberate […]

Security Reminder

A security alert. This comes after separate messages came in about door handles and windows being tried at both Low Blantyre and High Blantyre during the last couple of nights. On the early hours of Monday morning 4th May 2020 around 2am, a High Blantyre house alarm was set off and sensor lights tripped after […]