Category: Alerts

Alert for Dog Owners!

Attention dog owners in Blantyre! An alert goes out to anybody with dogs! Helpful Information for Dog Owners: There are a number of reasons why dog theft is increasing in the UK. The main issues are the high values attached to so-called ‘designer dogs’, a lack of awareness of the dangers, and lenient prison sentences […]

High Blantyre Fire

Breaking News: A serious fire at Kirkton Avenue has been reported in High Blantyre, this evening Monday 25 February 2019. Emergency services have been in attendance since around 7.45pm. Up to 4 fire engines 2 ambulance and police cars are at the scene. It has been reported that a vehicle was on fire at the […]

DVLA Clamping Vehicles

Blantyre Representatives of DVLA are back in the area again and clamping untaxed vehicles. Several vehicles in Blantyre ASDA carpark and surrounding streets were clamped by authorities earlier today, Wednesday 13 February 2019.A hefty fine of up to £100 is imposed to get them unclamped and up to £200 if they’re later impounded.

Greenhall Park Cordoned off

Police Incident A Police incident of unknown nature is currently unfolding tonight at Greenhall Park, High Blantyre. Four Police Cars, a serious Incident vehicle and emergency services set up a perimeter at each end of Greenhall Park sometime before 9.00pm tonight, Monday 11 February 2019. The park has now been cordoned off with ticker tape […]

Fake Banknotes Activity

Alerts go out this evening to shopkeepers and indeed anybody trading in cash, as instances of fake banknotes increase! In particular, shops on Glasgow Road, Blantyre today were affected as an individual tried to pass off fake notes, knowingly or not. Please be vigilant and use note scanners if possible.