Category: Alerts

Fire at Stonefield Public Park

Would the parents of the youngsters currently at Stonefield Park setting fires, please do something about this, before police are involved. Photo just after 4.30pm this evening, Monday 14th November at the lower part of Stonefield Public Park with residents saying they’re still there. Youths have dragged nearby residential wheelie bins into the woods, using […]

Possible Bogus Workmen in Blantyre

South Lanarkshire Trading Standards have been made aware of workmen in the Blantyre area, going door-to-door, offering paving and landscaping services. Scammers can look legitimate by advertising their services via glossy leaflets. They even go to the trouble of getting liveried vehicles and workwear with a company logo. Always be wary of cold callers at […]

Fake Banknotes

Businesses in Blantyre are seeing a high circulation of fake £20 notes this month. It’s something to look out for if you’re a business owner, ideally checking them before accepting. With a cost of living crisis affecting everybody at present, we wouldn’t like to see small businesses affected by this.

Alert for local Drivers

Alert! Just a little warning to vehicle drivers to take care if you’re on the backroads from Dalton, heading towards High Blantyre. As of 9.45pm, tonight Saturday 11th June, there’s a loose cow on the East Kilbride back roads. With light fading it could possibly be a danger to itself and drivers. Witnesses have observed […]

Kinder Egg Recall

Kinder Surprise eggs have been recalled from stores after at least ’40 kids under the age of five have allegedly suffered salmonella poisoning’.  According to reports, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has said that the chocolate company Ferrero will be removing the item as a precaution while an investigation is carried out over the ‘potential link’. […]

Mobile Phone Law Changes Today

From today, Friday 25th March, drivers can now be fined up to £1,000 and receive six points on their licence for simply holding a phone whilst in a moving car. The law has changed meaning, not only are you not permitted to text or make a call, but now, it is illegal to scroll through […]

Apple Outages

If you have any apple products or services, you may be experiencing some difficulties tonight. A number of Apple services are experiencing outage, according to a support page on the firm’s website. Apple’s system status page shows that the services affected include Maps, Apple Store, Apple Arcade, the iTunes store, podcasts and Apple TV+. The services […]