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Remembering May 2020

Two years on, we’re looking back at some photos of Blantyre during May 2020. How different is was. Most shops and businesses closed. Holidays cancelled, airports closed and even then before facemasks, the world was just a little bit frightening for most people. There’s little reminder needed that we were then still in the first […]

Facemask Rules Lifting

The legal requirement to wear face coverings in many indoor settings in Scotland will end tomorrow, Monday 18th April 2022. It will no longer be a requirement to wear masks in shops, businesses and public transport. However, the Scottish Government has suggested many people will still want to wear masks in crowded places and public […]

Scottish Schools Drop Facemasks

There is some changing news regarding facemasks coming. Secondary school pupils in Scotland will not need to wear face coverings in classrooms from 28th February. Pupils will still need to wear masks in communal areas and when moving around inside school buildings and this is still under regular review. The news comes following medical advice […]

Hospital Visiting Resumes

Some welcome news. NHS Lanarkshire have now reintroduced visiting across all their inpatient wards. Units and patients can now have one visit a day with one visitor. There will remain in place essential visiting in some ward areas or settings where the environment makes visiting difficult due to Covid-19 restrictions, social distancing or there may […]

Covid Restrictions Changing

Two changes will be made to Scotland’s Covid restrictions from Friday, January 28. Social distancing measures will be reduced from two metres to one in indoor settings where people have a specific exemption from the need to wear a face covering – such as those leading religious services or carrying out receptionist duties.  Adults taking part in […]

Breaking: Return to Offices

Guidance urging people to work from home wherever possible in Scotland is to be relaxed in favour of a “hybrid” system of office and remote working. The Scottish Government have set out plans where Employers have been asked to phase workers back into spending some time in the office from this Monday 31 January 2022 […]

England Lifts Covid Restrictions

Caution: This article relates to England only and does not apply to Scotland. The UK Government has held a press conference this afternoon announcing plans to lift most of England’s current Covid Restrictions, a significant return to some normality. Omicron is “in retreat”, Health Secretary Sajid Javid says, with the UK now marking the start […]