Category: Coronavirus

What happens after 11th December?

We’ve seen some comments from people wondering if restrictions will continue beyond 11th December in Lanarkshire. Mostly from business owners. The answer is, they wont continue as Tier 4 Restrictions will be lifted in some capacity. First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon confirmed this yesterday during her briefing which highlighted a desire for trading to resume on […]

Supporting Local Business

Blantyre, like the rest of Lanarkshire goes into Tier 4 lockdown tonight with a 3 week closure of all non essential business and shops. Until 9th December only certain places will be open. To ensure we’re all supporting local business in that important run up to Christmas, here’s a list of what’s open in our […]

Leisure & Culture Prepares for Lockdown

South Lanarkshire will move into Level 4 of the Scottish Government’s Covid protection levels from 6pm this Friday. Unfortunately this means some of the services provided by South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture will no longer be able to operate in the same way. Sports Centres, swimming pools, libraries, cafés and Low Parks Museum will have […]

Breaking News: Lanarkshire Lockdown

The Scottish Government has announced today that parts of Scotland, including Lanarkshire will move up to Tier 4 lockdown. The announcement came today, Tuesday 17 November 2020 just after 2.20pm when First Minister Nicola Sturgeon addressed Holyrood. Level four is the closest to a full lockdown, similar to the one introduced in March, though schools […]

Heading for Level Four?

Level four may well be coming for the west of Scotland including us here in Blantyre. All the government indicators suggest we may be about to move from tier 3 to tier 4 in the coming days. The Scottish Government has said is it likely, but not inevitable although there are still some large concerns […]

Scotrail Alcohol Ban

With effect from Monday, 16 November, an alcohol ban will be applied at all Scotrail stations and on all of their trains, as they continue to support the public health measures put in place by the Scottish Government to tackle coronavirus.  This new measure will help to maintain the physical distancing required while travelling and […]