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Tight Squeeze at the Bridge

What else has been happening around Blantyre today? This was the scene at 10am down the Calder at Milheugh Bridge today, Wednesday 15th April. A lorry coming down from Loanend got stuck at the bridge not managing to turn. It took the kindness of a couple of passing people out on their daily exercise to […]

Issues at A725 Still Happening

Though this may seem minor by comparison to the current global health pandemic, this sort of driver negligence is STILL putting lives at risk. Despite the A725 Sliproad having massive new signs, repainted lines, wording painted on the road, we’re still getting reports of cars going UP the wrong direction of the sliproad at High […]

On the Phone

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes, “What do you make of this? Somebody thinks it’s a good idea to pull over and park on the EK Expressway slipway road to answer their phone. I caught this driver earlier in the week right at the end of the slip lane, parked, on the phone […]

Low Blantyre Traffic Chaos

A few messages about this today, Thursday 12th March 2020. There’s been traffic chaos at the bottom of Victoria Street at the junction of Glasgow Road. Temporary traffic lights with ongoing roadworks has caused lengthy delays in either direction, stretching back along Glasgow Road, east and westwards. Further back the queues stretched over the yellow hatched […]

Our Pothole Survey Results

Letter to Council’s Roads Dept – Following our pothole article last week, we’ve now collated all reader comments and identified a priority list of potholes throughout Blantyre’s local streets which require to be filled. A letter to South Lanarkshire Council’s Roads Department has been written on YOUR behalf, asking for remedial action to be taken […]

Priory Bridge Inspection

Following a recent picture on our sister website, ‘Blantyre Project’, some concerns were raised about the safety of the old Priory Bridge. The bridge situated beside Caldergrove, not far from Glasgow Road is entirely closed off to vehicles and pedestrians, a safety measure implemented decades ago, so it has always been a very low risk […]

Pothole Complaints

We’re received several messages over the last few weeks about the number of carriageway potholes, quoting specific locations in Blantyre. Whilst we understand the concern of residents who have ended up with damaged cars and tyres, Potholes CAN be reported directly to the council online. All complaints will be actioned shortly after. Report them here: […]

Condition of Bardykes Road

These photos were recently shared to us by a concerned Blantyre resident after he noticed the deteriorated condition of the embankment at the side of Bardykes Road, Blantyre. Perhaps connected to recent heavy rainfall, part of the western embankment, adjacent to the Calder, appears to have fallen away, very close to the edge of that […]