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Weather Forecast

Hotting up We’ve been keeping an eye on the weather this week and it’s looking good! Things are hotting up from Thursday onwards, with sunshine and warm temperatures predicted right through the Easter Holiday (long) Weekend. Central Scotland is set for temperatures in the 20’s by Easter Sunday and it may continue into next week! […]

Easter Weather Forecast

‘Taps Aff’ at Easter? For once, it’s looking fine, mild and sunny this coming Easter Weekend! The weather is looking good from Thursday right through to Monday.  Temperatures up to 15 degrees, settled, next to no wind or rain, full sun …maybe…just maybe, it might be “taps affs!” time.

Weather Forecast

You probably noticed it’s a “touch” windy out there tonight. OK, so it’s really windy, but there’s worse to come this evening. Winds will get stronger still this evening, continuing right through the evening ,with some storm damage expected by tomorrow morning. Winds will remain strong until late morning, Wednesday 13th March 2019. A night […]

Windy Weather Inbound

Here it comes. In what promises to be a windy week, the first batch of strong winds and heavy rain is incoming. Worst of this batch will be later this evening Monday 11th March 2019 through to 4-5am tomorrow morning . There will be possible disruption to travel, loss of power and localised flooding.

Weather Forecast

Snow Showers Central Scotland looks set to be hit with some snow flurries this weekend. Chances of snow falling at low levels are high from Saturday afternoon through to Sunday evening.  Is this the “last bite” of Winter?