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Weather Forecast

Looking good for weekend. Well, it maybe raining, windy and cooler today in Blantyre, but all thats set to change from tomorrow evening with the weekend looking great! Things are going to warm up rapidly! Temperatures up to 24 degrees in Central Scotland with warm sunshine on Saturday, Sunday and into Monday. In fact the […]

Weather Forecast

Look out the brollies! The weather forecast is showing a particularly miserable Friday morning. Whilst it’s going to be breezy, Scotland should escape the exceptionally fierce winds expected in England and Wales. For us, rain is the issue! Heavy, persistent rain is forecast for Friday morning from 6am right through rush hour into late morning. […]

The Heat is On!

The Met office are now predicting temperatures in Central Scotland tomorrow of around 29 degrees, possibly reaching the 30 degrees mark! Thursday 25th July 2019 looks set to be not just the warmest day of the year in the UK, but for some areas, including London, possibly the hottest day for ANY July on record. […]

Warm Week Ahead

You might want to ensure your heating is off. Temperatures are on the rise! A warm week is forecast for Central Scotland with Blantyre reaching temperatures in the mid 20s by Tuesday afternoon, which looks set to be sunny too. Rain showers are forecast from Wednesday, which combined with the heat could potentially be thundery.

Here Comes the Sun

Brr…it’s been a cold day today hitting only 7 degrees or so. However, all that’s about to change! Better Weather is on its way! Next week will see high pressure dominate with warm sunshine, and temperatures expected to be as high as 23 degrees in central Scotland by midweek. Almost a year since that long […]

Weather Forecast

Hotting up We’ve been keeping an eye on the weather this week and it’s looking good! Things are hotting up from Thursday onwards, with sunshine and warm temperatures predicted right through the Easter Holiday (long) Weekend. Central Scotland is set for temperatures in the 20’s by Easter Sunday and it may continue into next week! […]

Easter Weather Forecast

‘Taps Aff’ at Easter? For once, it’s looking fine, mild and sunny this coming Easter Weekend! The weather is looking good from Thursday right through to Monday.  Temperatures up to 15 degrees, settled, next to no wind or rain, full sun …maybe…just maybe, it might be “taps affs!” time.