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Weather Forecast

A very wet evening tonight with significant rainfall. High winds are also forecast, and as our earlier post suggests, are strong enough to cause damage. Temperatures remain average for this time of year. Not a great night to be out! Conditions on the roads are difficult with flooding. The outlook? According to the Met office, […]


Let’s talk about flooding in Lanarkshire! It’s been raining heavily over the last 24 hours which has caused lots of localised flooding and its still raining this afternoon! According to one weather station in High Blantyre, over 40mm of rain has fallen in the last day causing local rivers to swell and flow at pace. […]

Here comes the Snow

So, we’ve had ice, frost and extreme minus temperatures. Tomorrow, its time for snow! Snowfall is expected in Lanarkshire from around 5am tomorrow morning, Friday 16th December 2022. Whilst that’s all very festive just over a week before Christmas, it will no doubt bring misery for commuters, causing problems on the roads. Forecasters are suggesting […]

Weather Forecast

Cold temperatures are here to stay for the rest of the week, reminding us to check in on neighbours especially anybody considered vulnerable or living alone. A temperature of -10.7 degrees was recorded on weather instrumentation in Blantyre today by local man John Queen. Even higher temperatures were recorded in other parts of Scotland. Icy […]


The first proper snow flurries of Winter are falling this morning in Blantyre (Just in case you aren’t near a window!) As of 11am this morning, we have a heavy flurry. Further snow is expected overnight into Sunday. Be aware too, temperatures are to plummet further with up to -8 expected in Blantyre by mid […]

Weather Forecast

A cold few nights to come this week with temperatures well below freezing. Cold weather has arrived from the east bringing negative overnight temperatures and frost during the day which may not fully lift. As the snow warning for the north of Scotland gets extended to Friday this week, possible snow flurries as far south […]

Cold Snap Coming

If you’re thinking it’s cold and you may put your heating on more, wait to you see what’s coming next week! Temperatures are set to plummet in Scotland as an icy blast arrives from Scandinavia. From Monday, temperatures are set to fall below zero for most of next week, even during the day. Largely dry, […]