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Cold & Frosty Weekend

The predicted snow showers for this weekend have thankfully been removed from the forecast, but in its place is frost and cold temperatures! Tonight will dip below zero with a cold, frosty start for Saturday morning. Temperatures throughout Saturday and Remembrance Sunday are not expected to get any higher than 6 degrees in Central Scotland. […]

Snow on the way?

The weather looks decidedly wintry at the weekend with the forecast showing some SNOW at low lying areas. Snow showers are expected on both Saturday and Sunday in Central Scotland. We’re in for a cold snap by the end of the week with temperatures barely above zero. Brrrrrr!!

Taps Aff!

Who would have thought it?! Nearly the end of September and its 22 degrees outside, as warm as the Canary Islands! Its definitely “Taps Aff” weather today as cloudless skies over Blantyre have seen temperatures rise. BBQ weather for those lucky enough to be off work. ….and it’s to continue tomorrow throughout Saturday, perhaps even […]

Cold Winter Coming?

Scientists at University of London have released a study suggesting January and February 2020 are set to be amongst the coldest for the last 30 years. Concluding from long range forecasts that the jet stream will likely move south, it paves the way for extreme cold and snowy conditions. The Met Office when asked to […]

Last Days of Summer?

It’s a beautiful day in central Scotland as our sunny High Blantyre photo shows. 15 degrees and some fine sunshine, pleasant day. Tomorrow will bring much of the same but it’s not going to last. With 3 weeks until October, is this the last ‘gasp of Scottish Summertime?’

Weather Forecast

Looking good for weekend. Well, it maybe raining, windy and cooler today in Blantyre, but all thats set to change from tomorrow evening with the weekend looking great! Things are going to warm up rapidly! Temperatures up to 24 degrees in Central Scotland with warm sunshine on Saturday, Sunday and into Monday. In fact the […]

Weather Forecast

Look out the brollies! The weather forecast is showing a particularly miserable Friday morning. Whilst it’s going to be breezy, Scotland should escape the exceptionally fierce winds expected in England and Wales. For us, rain is the issue! Heavy, persistent rain is forecast for Friday morning from 6am right through rush hour into late morning. […]

The Heat is On!

The Met office are now predicting temperatures in Central Scotland tomorrow of around 29 degrees, possibly reaching the 30 degrees mark! Thursday 25th July 2019 looks set to be not just the warmest day of the year in the UK, but for some areas, including London, possibly the hottest day for ANY July on record. […]