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Clear UK Skies (almost!)

And finally tonight and exclusive Satellite image of the UK. Blantyre reader John Queen has accessed satellite imagery to download this incredible image from earlier today, Saturday 17 July 2021. It shows almost all the UK with clear skies as many of us enjoyed warm temperatures and sunshine. However, it wasn’t like that for us […]

Warm, Fine Weather

The hottest temperatures of the year are expected in the coming week, with this weekend’s temperatures in Central Scotland expected to top 25-27 degrees! A large zone of high pressure has settled over Scotland bringing with it warm, fine and dry weather. A welcome change after some heavy downpours of late. Great for kids playing […]

Here comes Summer!

It’s what we’ve all been waiting to hear! Summer is upon us and the Met Office are forecasting at least TWO weeks of warm, settled sunny weather starting after this weekend! Weather in Central Scotland is looking especially good as high pressure descends on the country, with temperatures expected to be in the 20’s over […]

Wet Weather Ending

Tired of this incessant rain? Well, there’s better news in store. The wet weather will finally end this coming Wednesday, with temperatures climbing into the 20s by next weekend. Dry skies will return to Scotland from Thursday onwards, finally signalling a start to some proper Summer weather. Meantime, the Met office are set to announce […]

Weather – Easter Weekend

It’s almost Easter Long Weekend, as Good Friday approaches tomorrow, Friday 2nd April 2021. Here’s the weather forecast. After a frost start tomorrow, a dry, mild and settled Friday, Saturday and Sunday is in store, with light winds and plenty of Springtime Sunshine and blue skies over Central Scotland. Good news for people off their […]

Windy Weather Coming

Don’t let this mornings sunshine fool you, the weather is not looking good this weekend! The wind is going to be a feature with significant gales expected from later this afternoon. Winds will reach gale force by this evening, with an extremely windy night in store, potentially strong enough to cause some localised damage. Sunday […]

Warmest Day of the Year

What a beautiful Springtime day it’s been today. Those lucky enough to be out and about enjoying their permitted daily exercise would have experienced light winds and mild temperatures up to 18 degrees this afternoon in Blantyre! A high of 19 degrees was recorded in Edinburgh this afternoon as high pressure dominates. The weather looks […]

Spring in the Air

There’s more than a hint of Springtime in the air as sunshine arrives to Central Scotland. Weather forecast for the next week looks settled with temperatures reaching up to double digits and importantly dry, with some springtime sunshine expected. As we all look forward to lockdown being lifted, having a little bit of sunshine in […]