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Ice Warning for Blantyre

A severe weather warning for ice in Central Scotland has been issued by the Met Office for tomorrow, Monday 16 December 2019. It will be in place from 3am till 10.30am tomorrow, with warnings of icy surfaces forming overnight. Roads and pavements in Blantyre are already icy with some side roads pretty treacherous. Temperatures will dip below zero tonight. […]

Blantyre Industrial Flooded

Please be aware the lower roads in Blantyre Industrial Estate are flooded. This follows yesterday’s heavy rainfall and may still be problematic this morning, Wednesday 11 December 2019. Alternative routes and parking is available but this looks like it will affect the entrances of some of the factories.

Flooding Around Blantyre

Weather continues to disrupt travel this evening with many flooded roads, now causing obstruction. Pictured is Flemington Farm Road, leading to Stoneymeadow. Significant flooding at Hamilton Road and Sides Brae has got worse over the course of the day, with some nearby storm sewers now unable to cope. Be careful at rivers too. Both the […]

Flood Alert!

The weather is pretty abysmal today as you’ll likely know. Widespread flooding is commonplace all over Central Scotland. In Blantyre, please take care at the Calder, where the River has burst its banks, the area is very marshy and in places, downright dangerous. Some of the heaviest forecasted rainfall is still to happen later this […]

A Cold Start

Brrrrr! The last day in November has got off to a cold start! As of 8am, it’s – SIX degrees celsius and some of the roads are very icy. Wrap up warm! Whilst its a nice, crisp, dry weekend in store, temperatures are expected to barely get above freezing.

Cold & Frosty Weekend

The predicted snow showers for this weekend have thankfully been removed from the forecast, but in its place is frost and cold temperatures! Tonight will dip below zero with a cold, frosty start for Saturday morning. Temperatures throughout Saturday and Remembrance Sunday are not expected to get any higher than 6 degrees in Central Scotland. […]

Snow on the way?

The weather looks decidedly wintry at the weekend with the forecast showing some SNOW at low lying areas. Snow showers are expected on both Saturday and Sunday in Central Scotland. We’re in for a cold snap by the end of the week with temperatures barely above zero. Brrrrrr!!

Taps Aff!

Who would have thought it?! Nearly the end of September and its 22 degrees outside, as warm as the Canary Islands! Its definitely “Taps Aff” weather today as cloudless skies over Blantyre have seen temperatures rise. BBQ weather for those lucky enough to be off work. ….and it’s to continue tomorrow throughout Saturday, perhaps even […]