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Weather Forecast

A cold start this morning, and what a beautiful sky over Blantyre there was first thing as this picture shows. This afternoon, Monday 23 November 2020, rain is coming in with temperatures picking up. A bit more settled and drier tomorrow but colder temperatures will return later in the week. Photo Courtesy: Sowerby

Weather Forecast

The beautiful blue skies of this morning have well and truly gone this afternoon over Blantyre. Replaced with dark and grey skies, rain and wind is forecast for later. The heavy skies were cut by this impressive rainbow just after 1pm today. Photographed at Farm Road by Blantyre Telegraph reader Robert Cumberland. A chilly night […]

Weather Forecast

Temperatures dipping tonight Wednesday 18 November with the possibility of a touch of frost by the morning. Strong winds are expected throughout the night, at times up to gale force accompanied by rain. Not a great start forecast for Thursday. Whilst temperatures will recover by Friday, further wet weather is expected at the weekend.

A Foggy Start

You’ll probably have noticed how foggy it was last night!? As temperatures dipped sharply early evening, a thick blanket of fog hung over Central Scotland. This morning mist and fog patches are slowly lifting. Bright spells in the northern half of the country, but cloudier and mild in the south. Showers moving in later. Photo […]

Storm Aiden

A very wet and windy afternoon in Central Scotland today. Storm Aiden is upon us and though the rain will be pushed off to the East, strong gale force winds will whip up from midday and last much into tomorrow. The rain is expected to return later this afternoon and again heavier throughout the night […]

Weather Forecast

What a day! Wind and heavy rain is forecast today, Saturday 24 October 2020 across Central Scotland. Its fairly wild out there at time of writing this morning. The strong winds earlier this morning seem to have stripped the leaves finally off trees. Rainfall through the night was significant so its damp and wet too. […]

A Touch of Frost

You may have noticed a touch of frost on the grass this morning and perhaps even had to scrape your car windscreen. Scotland had its coldest September night since 1997 last night, in the early hours of Thursday 24th September 2020. Altnaharra in the Highlands recorded an overnight temperature of -5C. In Central Belt, temperatures […]

Batten Down the Hatches!

If you’re enjoying the sunshine this evening, better make the most of it! Its time to ‘Batten Down the Hatches’ as a storm approaches. Storm ‘Francis’ is sitting out in the Atlantic and moving towards Scotland rapidly. Some disruption is possible overnight and into tomorrow morning (Tuesday 25th August). Heavy rain is expected through the […]