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Stormy Weather Expected

The Met office is warning Scotland to brace themselves for 3 days of stormy weather. High temperatures have sparked forecasted thunder and lightning with heavy rain over the coming days. A Met office warning has been issued from 4pm on Thursday 25th June, expected to stay in place until Saturday. The thunderstorms are expected to […]

Weather Forecast

The next few days are looking very settled. Warmer. Full sunshine. Less wind. Just what people need to lift spirits when out on their daily walk or sitting in gardens. Lets not forget though high risk groups on lockdown or those unable to get outside. Let’s all make sure those people are always a priority […]

Day 19 of 21: Outdoors Exercise

It’s been a nice, sunny day today in Central Scotland. Aside from a rainy blip forecast tomorrow (Sunday), the weather from Monday is be settled, dry and sunny for the next 2 weeks. With ‘lockdown’ expected to be extended on Monday, the better weather will no doubt have people taking to their gardens and for […]

Tonight is ‘Supermoon’ night!

Tonight is the perfect opportunity to see a rare “Supermoon”. Clear skies over Blantyre coincide with the full moon being closer to the earth that normal, means the moon will be brighter and larger than normal! Its going to be closest to the Earth — 221,772 miles to be exact and you can see it […]

Wind Causing Problems

A trolley shelter at Morrison’s in East Kilbride has blown over in Storm Dennis. Samantha Jane Kennedy posted on social media: “Check this out, and I thought Hamilton had it bad. Morrisons in East Kilbride. Stay safe everyone absolutely wild!” Forecast looks like the wind is set to continue tonight with the possibility of some […]

Storm Ciara & Snow

Time to get the de-icers, scrapers and snow shovels at the ready! Things are looking somewhat unsettled this weekend as ‘Storm Ciara’ hits Scotland’s shores. Sweeping in from the west on Saturday bringing gale force winds, some storm damage may be expected. With it, comes rain and colder temperatures. Once the storm passes, things look […]

Ice Warning for Blantyre

A severe weather warning for ice in Central Scotland has been issued by the Met Office for tomorrow, Monday 16 December 2019. It will be in place from 3am till 10.30am tomorrow, with warnings of icy surfaces forming overnight. Roads and pavements in Blantyre are already icy with some side roads pretty treacherous. Temperatures will dip below zero tonight. […]

Blantyre Industrial Flooded

Please be aware the lower roads in Blantyre Industrial Estate are flooded. This follows yesterday’s heavy rainfall and may still be problematic this morning, Wednesday 11 December 2019. Alternative routes and parking is available but this looks like it will affect the entrances of some of the factories.