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Weather Forecast

Gardeners will be pleased to hear that rain is expected tomorrow, Saturday 30th April 2022. This last month has been one of the driest Aprils on record and some plants, vegetables and lawns have been struggling from lack of water. Rivers and reservoirs are low. Today sees the end of high pressure over the UK […]

Weekend Weather

Another cracking day in Central Scotland! Sun is shining again and temperatures are holding up although the cooler breeze is still here thats been with us for most of the week. (Frustrating!) The dry weather continues in what’s been one of the driest Aprils recorded. In fact the Blantyre Weir has stopped flowing at the […]

Weather Forecast

It’s been a mild, settled day in Central Scotland today, Wednesday 20th April 2022. Temperatures got up to 17 degrees in Blantyre and there’s more to come this week. Weather looks sunny and settled over the next few days. Photo: High Blantyre earlier today.

Warmest Day of the Year

It’s been an exceptionally mild Good Friday as temperatures this Easter are above normal. Today has been the warmest day of the year so far, reaching 22 degrees in London and earlier up two 17 degrees in Blantyre. It’s stayed dry too, as people get out and about, especially busy in nearby garden centres. What […]

Weekend Weather

A fine, settled day for Friday afternoon and evening, with temperatures rising to around 15 degrees for Central Scotland. Light winds will make it fell mild and pleasant and there’s more to come! The weekend, both Saturday and Sunday will be mild with long periods of extended sunshine. Temperatures will be slightly warmer than today, […]

Ready for Storm Eunice

So here we are, Thursday, in a relatively settled “lull between two storms”. Storm Dudley has passed but Storm Eunice is coming and it’s going to bring snow! Despite the blue skies today, Storm Eunice is approaching from the Atlantic and for England and Wales, it means stronger winds than Dudley, up to 100 mph […]

Storm Dudley

Batten down the hatches. It’s going to be an exceptionally stormy day tomorrow (Wednesday). Gale force winds are expected through the night tonight lasting into tomorrow evening. With it will come some heavy rain, prolonged at times through the night and although will stop for a time in the morning, heavy rain will again return […]