Category: Lost Property

Lost your watch?

A ladies watch has been found today, Tuesday 26th November 2019 on Victoria Street, Blantyre (across from chemist and shop). It could be of sentimental value to its owner and the finder would love to get it returned. If it’s yours , please do get in contact with Elizabeth Henderson

Looking for Reddiex/Keys

We need your help getting this wedding photograph album back to the owners or the rightful family! That likely means hitting the SHARE button! Angela Convery writes, “I rescued this beautiful wedding album at a car boot sale in Glasgow and thought it would be wonderful to reunite it with someone somewhere who I’m sure […]

Lost Your Bank Card?

This Nationwide Visa Debit Card was found in Calderwood Drive, High Blantyre last night, Thursday 7th November 2019. It belongs to Miss M.L McNulty. Do you know her? The card is safe and can be retrieved from Rachael, who found it. Please share.