Category: Lost Property

Lost your Keys?

A set of keys has been found at Livingstone Crescent, Blantyre. There are two silver keys and a ‘beautiful mum’ keyring. Are they yours or do you know somebody who has lost them? They can be reclaimed back from Melanie Falconer

Lost your Bus Pass?

Looking for Christopher Burns. Your first bus travel pass has been found on Auchinraith Road. Not expiring until 2021, we trust you want it back?! Everybody else…please feel free to share. It can be reclaimed from finder Sian Flynn here:

Found a Phone?

Have you seen this phone anywhere in Blantyre? It was lost earlier today at McAulty (Stonefield) Public Park, Low Blantyre. If you’ve seen it or know where it is, please get in touch with Nicola Gordon:

Child’s Blue Bike Found

A child’s Blue bike has been found near the Scot-mid on Stonefield Road. It looked abandoned, is in good condition and nobody about near it. A lady took it in for safe keeping. If it’s yours, it can be retrieved from finder, Sharon who has it safe. Please share.

Theft from A child

We were sorry to read about a disgusting theft from a little boy today at Blantyre Sports Centre. Five year old Nicholas McCartney had been out with his Auntie today, Monday 29 July 2019 and he spent some of his birthday money buying 2 toy cars. As his birthday treats continued, they next went swimming […]