Category: Lost Property

Lost Your Bike?

Anybody lost a bike? This black bike has been sitting at the lane at Morven Avenue, Coatshill, Blantyre for much of the day today. Not sure if it been left there deliberately or stolen. Anyways, if you’re missing it, you know where it is now.

Lost a Pandora Bracelet

A beautiful Pandora bracelet was found in Stonefield Park yesterday Sunday 10th July and the finder is looking for the owner. The Pandora bracelet has many charms, one with the initial S on it. If its yours, please contact Ann-Marie on 07792 932 648 and give a rough description of some of the other charms […]

Lost Your Phone?

This Motorola phone has been found in Blantyre today, Monday 6th June 2022. It has no sim card in it and was found at Victoria Nursing Home. It’s got a password to reopen it. Is it yours or do you know of anybody who’s lost it? If so, you can contact finder Gary, directly here: […]