Category: Lost Property

Looking for Lewis Ward

A brand new Visa Debit bank card belonging to Mr Lewis Ward has been found today, Tuesday 23 April 2019. The bank is RBOS and it is assigned to the former Blantyre branch. It was found at David Livingstone Centre grounds in the wooded area. Do you know Lewis? The card can be reclaimed directly […]

Lost your Wallet?

Looking for Daniel Allan. A wallet and driving license in his name has been found outside the Priory Inn on Stonefield Road, earlier today Tuesday 23 April 2019. It was kindly handed in. Daniel, if you’re reading this, it can be reclaimed from the pub. Otherwise, please feel free to share.

Lost your Phone?

A phone has been found in High Blantyre. Do you recognise the people on the lock screen? You’ll need to be able to unlock to get it back, else it will be handed into police in due course. If it’s your’s, please get in touch and we’ll pass you on to the finder.

Lost your Drone?

Have you lost your drone? A white drone has been found in High Blantyre. Have you lost one this evening Tuesday 9 April 2019, before 9pm? It flashes green & orange zyma x5c 2.4g. The actual drone is pictured. Found near Priestfield Hall. If it’s yours, please get in touch and we’ll pass you on […]