Category: Lost Pets

Lost Your Cat?

This wee cat has been regularly visiting a back garden in Small Crescent, Blantyre. The house owner is trying to find out whose cat it is, as it looks injured. The cat is being fed by the lady, but if anybody approaches too close it hobbles off. Do you know whose cat this is?

Cat Run Over

**Contains Upsetting Content ** A little cat, sadly looks like its been run over is lying dead at the side of the road at Springwells. It’s on the grassy verge across from Dunns. It is black with white markings on its neck, chest and paws. It’s been there a few days now. Just in case […]

Missing Lovebird

A local man is looking for a missing Lovebird. He had been walking with the cage containing 2 pet lovebirds when the wind blew it to the pavement near the Station, both birds taking off. During the last couple of days, one bird has been found and arrangements made to safely return it to the […]

Dog Hit by Car

A concerned reader has observed a wee black dog unfortunately being hit by a car this afternoon on Glasgow Road, Blantyre just after MIdday.  She told us, “The driver didn’t stop. I tried to find the dog but it headed off up Priory Street.” Posting just incase anyone is concerned as to why their dog […]

Lost Your Black Kitten?

Is anybody missing this kitten? It was found on Stonefield Crescent, looking lost and meowing , following 2 women. Concerned for its safety after seeing it narrowly miss a car and knowing how cold it is tonight, they brought it in out the cold. It has no collar and is looks too young to be […]