Category: Lost Pets

Unusual Bird Spotted

Several people have messaged this week saying they’ve spotted this unusually coloured bird in Blantyre this week. The latest sighting was this evening Tuesday 19 April 2020 around 6pm at South View. Not sure if it escaped from somewhere. A local woman told us, “I went out and shook a bag of bird seed but […]

Local Hero to the Rescue!

Blantyre resident Jodie Martin had a drama filled day today when her pup fell down a ravine in Low Blantyre! Jodie was out taking her new Dalmatian pup ‘Dash’ a walk at the Clyde Walkways earlier today, Thursday 7th May 2020. Dash is just 13 weeks and like all pups at that age, happy to […]

Lost Your Cat?

Another potentially lost pet. Local resident Kay has sent this in saying, “I wonder if anyone is missing their cat? This wee cat has been visiting our garden most days for about a week now and just worried in case he’s missing. Nobody seems to know where the owner is.” Do you recognise this very […]

Lost Your Dog?

Anybody know whose dog this is? The dog was spotted in Blantyre yesterday Friday 24 April 2020. Wearing a distinctive collar suggesting a pet, and looking thin, a decision was made by kind local people to take the dog to Hamilton Police Station. Its unknown if microchipped. Now looking for the owners. Please share.

Lost Your Cat?

This wee cat has been regularly visiting a back garden in Small Crescent, Blantyre. The house owner is trying to find out whose cat it is, as it looks injured. The cat is being fed by the lady, but if anybody approaches too close it hobbles off. Do you know whose cat this is?