Category: Lost Pets

Buddy back home!

Blantyre Telegraph reader Simon Farnell wanted to say thanks to two guys who looked after his dog after it escaped. His dog Buddy escaped out the gate yesterday, Sunday 9th August 2020 near Stonefield Road. Simon added, “Just wanted to say thank you to the two guys who looked after my dog Buddy who was […]

Have you seen this Kitten?

Has anybody in Blantyre seen this little black cat? Still a kitten, he’s very small and disappeared with a larger cat. The larger cat is black with white socks. This missing kitten is all black and has a red collar with fish on it. From Dalwinnie Avenue, Priory Bridge, he’s microchipped and has been missing […]

Lost Pigeons?

There’s been several reports of marked pigeons in various Blantyre gardens this last week. It’s unknown if they are lost or not, but they seem to have coloured rings on their feet. This latest one has been in a garden in Millands Avenue for a few days and has number 22 on its leg. Another […]

Lost Your Cat?

This little cat has been coming to a residents back door in Nordic Crescent for some time but has turned up today with an injury to its back leg. Does anybody recognise it? Just to make the owner aware that it looks like its slightly injured.

Dog Injured by Broken Glass

The amount of broken glass in public parks is a cause for concern after a Blantyre dog was injured yesterday. Wee Susie who lives on Station Road cut her paw on a broken bottle at Stonefield Park. The dogowners tried to clear the glass away but there are still small bits remaining, enough to put […]

Vehicle Accident at Burnbrae Road

A beautiful family cat lost its life this week at Burnbrae Road when a speeding driver couldn’t stop in time. Owner Kira Hodge contacted us saying, “Today my little cat, ‘Loki’ was hit and killed by a driver who was clearly going far too fast. We were all out a walk as a family, our […]

Anybody lost a Cat?

Anybody know who this cat belongs to? Have you lost this animal? This feline has been safe in a local woman’s home in Blantyre the last few days and looks like she needs treatment. (not life threatening). When put outside to send on her way, the cat just sits on the window ledge wanting back […]