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Dog Hit by Car

A concerned reader has observed a wee black dog unfortunately being hit by a car this afternoon on Glasgow Road, Blantyre just after MIdday.  She told us, “The driver didn’t stop. I tried to find the dog but it headed off up Priory Street.” Posting just incase anyone is concerned as to why their dog […]

Lost Your Black Kitten?

Is anybody missing this kitten? It was found on Stonefield Crescent, looking lost and meowing , following 2 women. Concerned for its safety after seeing it narrowly miss a car and knowing how cold it is tonight, they brought it in out the cold. It has no collar and is looks too young to be […]

The Troy Foundation

Here’s a heartwarming story. Martin Miller from Hamilton moved out to live in America. After his beloved dog companion ‘Troy’ died from cancer, Martin did something remarkable. He opened up his own garden to animal shelter dogs, ready to be put to sleep. Martins kindness and compassion gave these ill or unwanted dogs some freedom, […]

Angel Still Missing

A family are still devastated almost one year on after their dog went missing. Angel, a female Patterdale Terrier (pictured) has been missing, presumed stolen since 3rd December 2018. She vanished without a trace despite every effort to find her. Kirsty Letham told us, “We have been through hell and back. Hoax calls claiming to […]

Lost Your Dog?

This brown and white spaniel is wandering around High Blantyre. The dog was on the Main Street earlier this evening as one lady tried to attract its attention, but it wondered off. Looks like it may be an older dog and has a red collar.

Is this your Dog?

This wee dog was found in a garden on Glasgow Road earlier this evening, Thursday 03 October 2019. She has a pink material collar that looks like a scarf. Is she your pet? Know anybody missing her? The dog is safe and can be retrieved from finder, Clare Whyte

Glass Alert for Pets owners

A heads up for pet owners if you’re out walking your dogs in Blantyre. This little dog ‘Bubbles’, was injured tonight by shards of glass on the Larkfield Bing, just off Glenfruin Road. A local lady told us there is glass all over and although she thought she had avoided it, she noticed later her […]