Category: Lost Pets

Have you seen Elvis?

A Blantyre cat is missing! ‘Elvis’ hasn’t been seen since 8:30am, Tuesday 28th May. His owner told us, ” It’s not like him, not to come home for food and a sleep. In the Blantyre area. Please check all out buildings for him. He’s wearing a red velvet collar and he’s chipped.” Please share.

Have you seen “Man Puss?”

This beautiful Blantyre cat called ‘Man Puss’ is missing. He disappeared about 8.30am 24th May 2019. He’s usually an indoor cat and has never spent the night outside so his family are obviously very worried. Please could you keep an eye out for him and check your gardens / shed areas, especially those close to […]

Have you Seen Frank?

Has anyone seen this dog? Going by the name ‘Frank’, he’s been missing from Blantyre since Thursday morning. If you have spotted him, please contact Megan Flanigan, Jade Dickson or Lynsey Flanigan by messenger or tel 07864193619. Thanks. Please share.

Lost Your Dog?

There’s a dog wandering near David Dale House earlier this evening. It appears lost and is perhaps a Shiba Inu or a similar breed. The lady who spotted it, tried to come down to the dogs level from a distance hoping it would approach her but it darted off quickly near the park. It looks […]

Looking for Pet Owner

Another wee dog found wandering at Station Road this time. Caitlin, a local lady has brought him back to her home to keep him safe until the owner can be traced, The small black and white dog was found at 5.30pm this evening in the Village. He doesn’t have a collar. Looking for the owner. […]

Is this your dog?

A little dog has been found on Parkville Drive, Springwells, earlier this afternoon, Tuesday 23rd April 2019. It’s wearing a tartan collar but has no tag. We’re looking for the owner. Do you recognise the dog? Please get in touch directly with the kind lady who found the animal. Holly can be contacted on tel […]