Category: Lost Pets

Lost Your Dog?

This brown and white spaniel is wandering around High Blantyre. The dog was on the Main Street earlier this evening as one lady tried to attract its attention, but it wondered off. Looks like it may be an older dog and has a red collar.

Is this your Dog?

This wee dog was found in a garden on Glasgow Road earlier this evening, Thursday 03 October 2019. She has a pink material collar that looks like a scarf. Is she your pet? Know anybody missing her? The dog is safe and can be retrieved from finder, Clare Whyte

Glass Alert for Pets owners

A heads up for pet owners if you’re out walking your dogs in Blantyre. This little dog ‘Bubbles’, was injured tonight by shards of glass on the Larkfield Bing, just off Glenfruin Road. A local lady told us there is glass all over and although she thought she had avoided it, she noticed later her […]

Dog ‘Sickness’ Warning

Vets have recorded a dramatic rise in the number of dogs suffering from a potentially dangerous sickness bug. The condition causes severe vomiting and bloody diarrhoea. Cases have grown hugely since the start of the year on a nationwide basis. The exact cause of the illness HGE, haemorrhage gastroenteritis, is unknown but it is believed the […]

Lost your Dog?

A black and white collie dog has appeared at a door in Coatshill, Blantyre. The pet is clearly lost. Does anybody recognise it? It can be retrieved from James Smillie, who sent in the message Update: 2.30pm. Dog is safely back home with owner now!