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Bee Rescue: Ah’ll bee Back!

There’s a wee story we’ve been following this week. The story started up at Park House on Sydes Brae on Thursday evening where the resident was shocked to see a swarm of bees on her stone gate pillars.!The bees were in one place, congregated. After making enquiries locally, the bees were tracked down to the […]

Lost Your Dog?

Anyone know who the beautiful dog belongs to? He was found wandering around in Springwell Crescent, Blantyre and his name is Buster. He has a telephone number on his tag but the number is not not in use anymore. Please share. This looks like the dog we posted about last Tuesday, so hopefully its not […]

Lost Your Dog?

There’s a wee white dog walking around Blantyre Ferme Road, Blantyre this afternoon, Tuesday 18th May 2021. Pictured here around 5.15pm, it doesn’t appear to have a collar on and is still roaming loose. Just in case the dog is yours or somebody you know. Please share away.

Anybody seen this Cat?

A Blantyre cat is missing and the owners are concerned. Have you see this cat? He went missing at 8am yesterday. His name is Edwin and he’s been indoors since the owners got him. He’s really scared of going out and frightened easily when he hears people talking. This is out of character for him […]