About us

Blantyre Telegraph is a volunteer based, non-profit on and offline News Website and monthly paper run by a local volunteer from Blantyre. The purpose is to raise funds for local good causes.

Online, since 1st February 2011 we are here on this website and from September 2011 on Facebook.

Offline, in 2015 and 2016 we produced and publish a monthly Newspaper, which was distributed throughout the Blantyre area, with the entire proceeds going to charity, once production costs are covered. The paper was successfull and relied upon several advertisers each month to cover most of the production. Blantyre Telegraph chose which good causes are to benefit each month, and published the results in an open and transparent manner, to show everybody how their fundraising has helped our vibrant and colourful community.

Unfortunately, the paper was suspended in August 2016 for the time being due to work commitments elsewhere, but will be resumed eventually in due course.

A brand new monthly colour “Blantyre Telegraph Magazine was launched in April 2015” with all proceeds to local good causes. The magazine continues to this day.

Fundraising continues in the forefront with monthly campaigns on Facebook page, raising money via the sale of local history book by Blantyre Project, private donations and with major fundraising events in Blantyre, e.g Blantyre Oscars.

Please be aware as volunteers we strictly post outwith our normal day job, usually first thing in the morning, at lunchtimes and in evenings or weekends. Blantyre Telegraph is an “out of hours hobby”. As such , it can take up to 24 hours for your messages and emails to be replied to. Thanks.