Category: Alerts

Breaking: Blantyre Asda Evacuated

Emergency Services attend Emergency services have arrived in the Blantyre ASDA carpark around 6pm this evening, Thursday 24 January 2019. This is the scene at present. The store is being evacuated with people asked to leave. Best avoid for now, if you were thinking of heading there. Photo Courtesy: Sowerby

Power Cuts Nordic Crescent

Some parts of Blantyre are experiencing Power Cuts tonight, Wednesday 23 January 2019. From 8.15pm , some entire streets are in darkness. Nordic Crescent is especially affected. There’s no quick fix. Scottish Power are currently advising it will take until 10.45pm tonight for it to be resolved. Have YOU been affected by power cuts tonight? […]

Wrong Direction on Expressway

This is the terrifying moment when a van entered the EK Expressway slipway in the WRONG direction almost causing an accident. Around 12.45 this afternoon, Wednesday 23 January 2019 passengers in a car coming off the EK Expressway at Crossbasket snapped this picture of a reddish pink van heading UP the off slipway in the […]

Fake Friends Requests

An alert goes out to Facebook users to be mindful of friends requests. Users on 3rd January 2019 have been plagued with receiving fake friends requests from people ALREADY on their friends lists. Be careful and review carefully any incoming friends requests. It’s clear some unscrupulous people are out to scam or create fake profiles.

Cars Clamped

Many residents in Blantyre awoke this morning to find their cars clamped. Vehicles without tax have been targeted by “Car Tax Enforcement” who placed clamps on each, which can only be released once the car tax is paid and then paying a FURTHER £100 to have it unclamped. Many Vehicles in Blantyre were clamped during […]

Water Issues – Burst Main

Many people in Blantyre have awoken to brown water from their taps this morning, following a burst main. A water main in Wheatland Avenue burst last night and is causing water issues, including drop in pressure and discolouration. The incident was reported at 6.30am and Scottish Water are currently trying to resolve as quickly as […]