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David Livingstone Memorial Primary Wins!

Hamilton and Blantyre’s Beat the Street challenge has shown how communities can come together to achieve something amazing. More than 8400 people signed up and walked, cycled and ran 133,999 miles during the six-week challenge, transforming the two towns into a real-life game. Additionally, the incredible total of miles clocked up means that Kilbryde Hospice will receive […]

Blantyre Halls under threat of closure

Two Blantyre halls are amongst a list of 50 facilities in South Lanarkshire under threat of closure or change of use. The High Blantyre Hall at Cemetery Road and Larkfield Hall at the corner of Broompark Road and Stonefield Road appear on a South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture report putting such facilities under review. These […]

Don’t forget the Clocks Change

Don’t forget! The clocks change tonight Sunday, March 28 at 1am, to be precise. The clocks will move FORWARD an hour as we move to British Summer Time (BST)……although looking outside just now, you would never guess! So, it should still be light tomorrow around 8.15pm. However, for now, it’s an hour less in bed! Meh!

Scots become Automatic Organ Donors

Everyone in Scotland is now an automatic organ donor – unless you have opted out. From today, Friday 26th March 2021, new legislation for Scots will presume that people are consenting to being organ donors, unless they have officially stated otherwise. The move will mean that many more people can be given life-saving and life-changing […]

Lighter Nights Coming!

Get ready! The lighter nights are coming as the clocks change this weekend! Daylight saving time 2021 in United Kingdom will begin at 01:00 on Sunday 28th March 2021. When the clocks go FORWARD by an hour, the UK’s timezone will change to British Summer Time (BST) – also known as Daylight Savings Time. Thankfully most smartphones, […]