Kirsty Anderson Permanent Cosmetics

Kirsty Anderson Permanent Cosmetics will be reopening on the 22nd July.

Kirsty told us, “Kirsty Anderson Permanent Cosmetics provides cosmetics eyebrow tattooing. This is very different from Microblading, tattooing is less traumatic to the skin and heals really well and natural. This treatment is great for some who cant or doesn’t have time to draw their brows in, If you have uneven brows, lack of definition, patchy areas on your brows or find it difficult to apply makeup to your brows.

Have you been or ever consider getting your eyebrows tattooed for a while now but unsure about the Shape, Colour & Size, In general scared of what they’ll turn out like?

You don’t have to worry At Kirsty Anderson Permanent Cosmetics we want to make you feel at ease by offering a free consultation before any treatment begins where we can discuss the Shape, Colour & Size.

During the consultation I’ll mapped out and measure your brows to get the perfect shape and size for your face then draw in hairstokes using a pencil and swatch a pigment on your forehead and show you the results. Once you happy with the brows we can then create an appointment to get your Brows created.

I specialised in many styles Hairstoke, Combination Brow & Ombré the great thing about getting your eyebrows tattooed if that you wake up everyday with perfect eyebrows which only needs a colour boost top up once a year.

If this is something you would love to get please don’t hesitate to message my page and i can answer any questions or concerns you may have. Kirsty xXx”

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