Lanarkshire Covid ‘Hotspots’

New cases of Coronavirus rose in South Lanarkshire this week for the first time since the New Year. An increase of around 5.5% was reported with Blantyre, unfortunately featuring as one of last weeks ‘hotspots’.

Figures published by Public Health Scotland revealed there were 267 new cases of the virus in South Lanarkshire between Sunday, March 14, and Saturday, March 20, an increase on previous weeks figures.

Whilst most areas in Lanarkshire each recorded just a few new cases, there were several areas which recorded more than 10 positive new cases. These included:

Ashgill and Netherburn (13),
Westburn and Newton (13) 
Blantyre South and Wheatlands (11),
Calderwood East (10), and
Halfway, Hallside and Drumsagard (10)

The statistics are a reminder that the virus is still on our doorstep, despite the growing moves towards easing of restrictions.

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