Asda Helps Blantyre Service Veterans

Asda Blantyre Community Mary Sutherland Champion recently delighted volunteers who run the joint Ex Service Veterans’ Garden, with a cheque for £600 from the Asda Foundation.

The grant will allow the community group, which is based locally to the store, to buy some much needed items for the garden. The Ex Service Veterans’ Garden was established in November 2019 and has become a hub for Ex Service Veterans and community. The garden provides a space for Veterans to meet and work together, to grow a range of vegetables which they provide free to the community.

The group are always looking for innovative solutions and the grant will enable them to buy solar panels to generate electricity to power their kitchen, which is situated in a container onsite. The addition of a fridge and lights will allow members of the group to comfortably enjoy well-earned hot drinks after their hard work in the garden.

Mary Sutherland, Asda Community Champion said:

“I was absolutely delighted to present the Veterans with the cheque and help them to buy the equipment and supplies that they need to develop the garden.”

“They are a brilliant group and even the pouring rain will not dampen their spirits as they work tirelessly to provide fresh vegetables for their community”

Jim Poulton, Ex Service Veteran volunteer said:

“We were thrilled to receive the cheque from Asda and have already started our plans to purchase solar panels to power our container so that we can shelter inside and enjoy coffee and chats together.”

“The garden is a great place for Ex Service Veterans to come together and enjoy each other’s company whilst providing for the community.”

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