Theft from A child

We were sorry to read about a disgusting theft from a little boy today at Blantyre Sports Centre.

Five year old Nicholas McCartney had been out with his Auntie today, Monday 29 July 2019 and he spent some of his birthday money buying 2 toy cars. As his birthday treats continued, they next went swimming to the Blantyre Sports Centre.

Nicholas was so excited to get into the pool, he accidentally left the new toys in the changing rooms, the boxes still unopened. Anybody who has taken a young child swimming knows how easily it is to get distracted.

After an hour swimming, they went back to the changing rooms, realising that the toys had been left in there. His aunt was shocked to find the boxes had been opened, the new car toys taken out and gone.

Upon checking with staff, nobody had handed anything in, leaving young Nicholas absolutely gutted.

His mother Kayleigh told us, “We realise they should have taken more care with the toys, but it doesn’t excuse the low behaviour of somebody taking them! If someone had found them, the decent thing to do would have been to hand them in”

Blantyre Telegraph has promised replacements this evening and now made arrangements for Nicholas to receive them by mid week.

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