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Theft from A child

We were sorry to read about a disgusting theft from a little boy today at Blantyre Sports Centre. Five year old Nicholas McCartney had been out with his Auntie today, Monday 29 July 2019 and he spent some of his birthday money buying 2 toy cars. As his birthday treats continued, they next went swimming […]

Flocking to Blantyre

Here’s a strange story. Just look at these clever birds. A reader has shared this information after keenly observing some strange behaviour by pigeons in Low Blantyre. The birds are flying down to the Sports Centre Roof just off Glasgow Road and are actually WAITING for the 4pm bus to arrive at the nearby bus […]

Fab Blantyre Fun Day!

What a brilliant afternoon was had today by many families who came along to the Coalfields Regeneration Trust’s Blantyre Family Fun Day! Over 700 people attended the fun day out at the Sports Centre, today Sunday 10 February 2019, the day being hailed marvellous success! Coalfields have an incredible £20,000 funding for Blantyre and several […]