Lack of Burial Space

There’s a growing concern about the remaining burial space available in Blantyre Cemeteries.

The issue has existed for some time with space in the Priestfield Cemetery in High Blantyre rapidly running out. The problem has been highlighted again in light of the current pandemic, where it is thought 282 Lanarkshire people have died after contracting the virus, some of whom lived in Blantyre.

South Lanarkshire Council currently looks after 50 cemeteries across the region.

A couple of years ago, we reported on the potential of a new Blantyre Cemetery being opened up at Sydes Brae. However, plans did not pan out well.

Head of facilities, waste and grounds services, Alistair McKinnon, said: “We are aware of the reducing availability in Priestfield Cemetery and across all council-managed cemeteries, particularly as the effects of the current coronavirus take effect.

“We continue to investigate availability of suitable land across a range of areas and the location opposite the entrance to the crematorium was one such area. However, it did not meet the Sepa guidelines for a suitable cemetery site and the suggestion was discounted at this time.”

“While the council takes every opportunity to continue to provide burial ground in a number of towns and villages across South Lanarkshire our legal obligation is to provide one burial ground within the area of the local authority.”


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