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Dalbeth Memorial Cleaned Up

We wanted to say a huge thank you to the Blantyre man Jimmy Small and to Frazer McGown of Joseph Potts Funeral Directors and Smiths Funeral Directors in Blantyre and Bellshill. After seeing an article on our sister website, ‘Blantyre Project’ about the Dalbeth (St Peters) Cemetery Memorial for the Catholic miners who died in […]

Grave Items Stolen

Unfortunately, we’re hearing about items being stolen from graves in Priestfield Cemetery again. As hard to believe that anybody can be so low to steal from graves but thats what happened again in High Blantyre. Local woman Alice Swan has had enough. Following items stolen from her brother’s grave, she has set up a petition […]

Further Cemetery Theft

Unfortunately we’ve had another heartbroken family contact us to say yet another theft has taken place at Priestfield Cemetery. This time, it was black granite edging (pictured) that’s been removed from around a loved ones gravestone. It had a metal flower holder removed too. The lair owner told us yesterday, “We’re annoyed and hurt that […]

More Thefts at Priestfield Cemetery

Unfortunately, we have further messages today confirming more items have been stolen or moved from graves in Priestfield Cemetery. Further black granite edging has been taken, costing another family almost £800. Things have been moved too. This item clearly out of place. Do you recognise it? Its still in the cemetery but not at a […]

Lack of Burial Space

There’s a growing concern about the remaining burial space available in Blantyre Cemeteries. The issue has existed for some time with space in the Priestfield Cemetery in High Blantyre rapidly running out. The problem has been highlighted again in light of the current pandemic, where it is thought 282 Lanarkshire people have died after contracting […]

Cemetery Trees Set on Fire

We’re sorry to report that trees were deliberately set on fire earlier today in High Blantyre Cemetery, just off Cemetery Road. Fire engines responded to a call just around 12:20 today, Tuesday 15 January 2019 after trees were seen to be alight. A local lady had witnessed a man acting suspiciously just a little earlier […]