Exclusive: New Cemetery location abandoned

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Proposed Cemetery now abandoned at Sydes Brae

You may recall a few months ago we reported that a new Cemetery was proposed for High Blantyre in the fields across from the Crematorium. Well, the venture has now collapsed, after an environmental report deemed the fields there as unsuitable for digging. The Cemetery will NOT go ahead at that location on Sydes Brae.

The Cemetery was to be built on the eastern side of Sydes Brae directly opposite the Crematorium. Figures had been agreed with the land owner for the sale, and planning was to be dependent upon an environmental report on the ground conditions. It means the council are back to the square one again searching for alternative locations on the outskirts of Blantyre for a new cemetery.

Stephen Kelly, Head of Facilities, Waste and Ground Services, exclusively told us, “There was no planning application submitted on behalf of land at Sydes Brae, High Blantyre, as the ground was not suitable for burial purposes.”

Concerned that the new sites may be in sensitive areas and wishing to find out where these were, we contacted SLC again asking where the new cemetery is now proposed to be sited. Stephen responded with a rather candid, “The council is currently considering its options on this matter.”

It would appear this story is far from over.


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