Rats in the Park

Not sure if this is a recent problem, but we’ve been getting messages about rats in Stonefield Park. Big ones!

There are numerous rat holes opposite the sheltered housing within the Park at Low Blantyre. One resident told us, “I noticed this whilst walking my dog today. There were 3 large rats running about at this very location. I found it pretty much impossible to notify South Lanarkshire via their website. This rodent problem is simply not going to go away, it needs to be sorted quickly before it gets totally out of control.”

The rat holes are mainly located in the ground, near the treeline adjacent to the sheltered housing. However, there are some within 25-30 metres from the kids playpark which gives the problem an added concern. There are also more near Glasgow Road, opposite Victoria Street. There is a main sewage pipe which runs through the Stonefield area and work to the sewers there last year saw the ground disturbed. Combined with the demolition of nearby Clydeview Shopping Centre and long grass during lockdown, there are various reasons combining that may have caused the rise of a rodent problem.

If Blantyre Councillors are reading this, perhaps they could lend a hand in alerting Environmental Health. Have your say. Have YOU seen rats in this area or in other places in Blantyre?

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