Business Premises Vandalised

33995322_2503254079699986_5135068688713515008_nLocal business owners Emma Buchanan and Lynn McDonald were left shocked and angered this morning, Saturday 2nd June 2018 when they found their business premises in High Blantyre had been vandalised.

The beautiful building which accommodates ‘Ederra Bridal Salon’ and ‘Complexions Beauty Salon’ was randomly targeted by mindless idiots and suffered broken windows, damage inside and broken slates on the roof.

With police called, the ladies quickly sprang into action to get their business up and running again this morning, but suffered loss of earnings and costs whilst repairs were made.

Business owner Emma told us, “I came to work at 10am this morning and discoved the damage! We’re absolutely stunned and angry and think it happened late last night. We had the police out and are waiting on a glazier coming. It’s disgusting that people feel the need to do this kind of thing!”

Did you see anything? Do you know who did this? You can anonymously report them to Police on Crimestoppers 101.

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