Concerns for Timber Houses Plans

There’s an important meeting taking place in High Blantyre tomorrow evening regarding potential changes to the appearance of some of the Timber Houses.

Concerns are around the council’s proposal to clad the council owned houses, which would undoubtably create houses with different appearances sitting alongside privately owned homes. A similar proposal in Newton recently was met with fierce objection and eventually scrapped.

Some residents are outraged as the council push through their plans for roughcasting, rather than considering timber clad options.

One concerned resident told us today, “I feel it’s of big interest as the timber houses are a massive part of Blantyre’s history and very unique. Over the last 10 years, countless planning permissions were granted with the stipulation not to ruin the look of this neighbourhood and at extra cost to owners with use of Marley board. It seems as though the council is taking a cheaper option with no care. This becomes even more frustrating when the Marley board which is still available to the council would achieve a better look, being more eco than the houses are and still keeping the look of the area, although I do appreciate the overall cost would be more”

The whole emotive subject is up for discussion.

The meeting takes place tomorrow, Tuesday 12 March 2019 in Priestfield Hall, Main Street at 6.30pm.



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  1. I live in a timber house in westburn and I don’t have any issues with condensation or dampness.
    I done a thermal scan of mines and my neighbours house which showed no heat
    Loss from external walls.
    I fought the council , they should not be allowed to come into a cuminity and change it just because the need to be seen to getting more brownie points on their green issues .
    These houses have real character , if I wanted a roughcast house I would have bought one .
    Fight them tooth and nail
    Good luck on your quest
    Robert sim

  2. I left a comment last nite on the article about the timber houses in blantyre, it’s still awaiting moderation .
    Why is this
    Robert sim

    1. Hi Robert. I am one person who runs this whole website in my spare time at lunchtime and after work. Its a hobby for charity and not a real media news page. I will moderate it as approved now.

  3. Appreciated Paul
    R sim

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