High Blantyre Vehicles Targeted

Following up on reports of vehicle break-ins last night in High Blantyre, we now have more information.

It would appear there are nighttime prowlers working to break into vehicles in Blantyre. Working as a trio, three males were spotted in the early hours of the morning Wednesday 02 April 2019, attempting to break into multiple cars in Armour Court, High Blantyre.

Local residents observed 3 males trying several cars in the normally quiet Salveson Housing estate. One lady was very upset given her young child had seen this happening too, leaving the child alarmed and frightened.

Her husband called the police and they kept an eye out until the officers arrived, but by this time the lowlifes had run off.

Two of the males were around late teens. One of them was around 6 foot tall, the other about 5 foot 6. Both were dressed in dark clothing, with dark shoes with hoods up, covering most of their faces. Clearly they didn’t anticipate being seen on residential CCTV.

The smaller of the boys was the one trying cars (and home door handles) , the taller, being the cowardly look out. Another neighbour allegedly heard one of the men shout ‘run Mattie‘ when the tall male saw residents watching from the window.

Police are investigating.


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