Committee AGM Elections

Blantyre Community Committee held their AGM last night, Thursday 11th April 2019.

Office bearers were elected as follows:
Arlene Green to continue her position as Chairperson.
Paul Veverka becomes Treasurer relinquishing position of Secretary.
Barry Watt elected as Secretary.

Blantyre Community Committee are pictured and listed here in no particular order, Stephen McDade, Aimee Glen, Hazel Krawczyk, Chloe Glen, Paul Veverka, Chairperson Arlene Green, Barry Watt, Marianne Timmons and Louise Plummer.

This is the current team of enthusiastic volunteers, many of whom bring their own specific talents who organise the entire Gala Weekend and Festive Event for Blantyre. 

Kindly giving up their time each month to make sure YOU have fun and the events are safe, professionally run and as affordable as possible, the team are solely responsible for raising funds to host these events, something they’ve become accomplished at.

A spokesperson for the committee added, “We’re all excited about the future and look forward to showing you what we’ve planned for 2019.


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