Whats Open in Blantyre?

[Updated 09 May 18:00am] Colour coded Business Listings. What’s Open in Blantyre…..
Auto, Garages & Taxis (Pink Graphic)
Healthcare, Chemists, Opticians, Dentists & Vets (Blue)
Others (Purple)
Pubs (Orange)
Shops & Post Offices (Grey)
Supermarkets (Green)
Support & Wellbeing (Brown)
Takeaways (Yellow)

This new list is being maintained daily by Blantyre Telegraph. If you have changes or additions, please comment below.

Please abide by social distancing rules and stay two metres apart. Be safe!



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  1. Premiere store on Farm Road, Blantyre is opened. I think the hours are 7am-8pm

    1. thanks. That will be updated tomorrow.

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