Taylors Fairground Adapts

One of the industries most affected this year by Covid has been Events and Fairgrounds. Tonight, we’ve seen a great example of how one business has adapted in these challenging times.

The hard working Taylor family own the fairground which usually comes to Blantyre twice a year, at the gala and at Christmas. This is a family who go out their way to help this community, going the extra mile in helping set up and tidy up at the gala each year. Its safe to say it would be difficult for our outdoor public events to happen without their kind help each year!

2020 has been difficult and with yet another recent blow with the cancellation of Edinburgh’s Christmas fairground, Taylor’s have been forced to adapt.

How about this!? They’re setting up their dodgem rides as heated, illuminated outdoor beer gardens for large hotels. (minus the dodgem cars of course!) Doesn’t this look great?!

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