Results of Covid Vaccine Poll

This week on our Live Chat Group Page we asked our readers,
“When the Covid vaccine is rolled out, where will you be in the queue?”

The results are in! With nearly 600 people taking part, a whopping 45% of you said you would NOT be taking any vaccine. Around 30% said you would be at the front of the queue, with others placing themselves in the middle or end.

Our poll comes in the week where the Government has announced A coronavirus vaccine thought to protect 90% of people may be available in the coming months.

At present, the vaccine is proposed to be entirely optional and offered first to those who could benefit the most, such as the elderly and healthcare workers. Government officials have confirmed if it becomes available, children will not routinely be offered it because they are low risk.

It’s early days yet. If regulators agree that the vaccine is safe and effective, then doctors, nurses and pharmacists can start giving it to people.

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