Road Restrictions for Litterpick

Motorists are being advised of a week-long programme of lane closures on roads around Blantyre and Hamilton to allow for litter picking. 

The closures are necessary to ensure the safety of the workforce clearing strewn rubbish from both the road surfaces and verges. Kicking off on Monday (February 1) the work will progress as follows:

  • Monday – Muttonhole Road
  • Tuesday – Blantyre Farm Road
  • Wednesday – Sydes Brae
  • Thursday – Newhousemill Road
  • Friday – Carscallan Road 

Each road will be reduced to one lane between 9am and 3pm daily, however, it’s possible that some roads will take longer than others, and may continue into the next day, so drivers are urged to be prepared for potential delay or to consider alternative routes on these roads throughout the week.

Councillor John Anderson, who recently launched the council’s new litter campaign, urging residents not to be ‘that eejit’, apologised for any inconvenience, but also expressed disappointment that the work was necessary. 

He added: “Our recently launched campaign is urging all South Lanarkshire residents to be mindful of how and where they dispose of litter. We are working hard to keep the area we all live in clean and free of the scourge of dumped litter and rubbish, but we need community buy-in too. 

“In this case, the majority of the litter has been disposed of by irresponsible drivers and their passengers, who seem to think that rural roads are an appropriate dumping ground. It’s quite frankly unacceptable.”

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  1. Glad to see the rubbish is finally getting lifted on the ferme road Hopefully when it’s cleared people will see the beautiful countryside and stop throwing out of car windows and dropping rubbish
    We have a beautiful country why spoil it

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