David Livingstone Birthplace Opens Doors

A BIG day for Blantyre! After being closed for several years, the wait was finally over as David Livingstone Birthplace finally re-opened!

The public once again has access to Shuttle Row, the building David Livingstone was born in. Funds of £9.1m was spent on the amazing museum renovation and doors re-opened again today, Wednesday 28th July 2021. The incredible renovation has been extremely well received with those lucky enough to grab the first tickets, enjoying the interactive displays and exhibits.

The museum is dedicated to the life of the famous explorer, Blantyre’s most famous “son” and is looking brilliant. Themes have been updated for the modern era and include a focus on anti slavery and the legacy that Livingstone left for us all. Everybody is encouraged to book a visit. Tickets are encouraged to be bought online at: https://www.david-livingstone-birthplace.org/

The regeneration work was funded by The Scottish Government, National Lottery, and Historic Environment Scotland and construction was delayed somewhat by the health pandemic. Looking to the future and the many thousands of visitors expected in the coming months, this museum is now “state of the art”, a true National tourist attraction, which will absolutely put Blantyre on the map.

Photo Credit: Walnut Wasp

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