Vandalism at Local Park

Absolutely gutted to be posting this, but some brainless idiot has tried to set fire to the brand new pirate ship and playpark at David Livingstone Birthplace.

A fire was discovered inside the ship today and thankfully due to the diligence of a local dog walker, it was bravely put out before spreading. However, it’s left unsightly, damage and being elevated will need checked for safety, which along with replacement of damaged areas, could potentially cost thousands of pounds.

Police have now been informed.

Local residents were appalled at the disgusting and deliberate attempt to destroy this children’s play area, especially after such efforts to bring something nice to Blantyre. It’s left people angry and shocked that anybody could muster enough braincells to be SO stupid. We hope the police can trace who did this.

The children’s equipment, not even a year old was installed from community grants and donations from people and businesses all over Blantyre at a cost of over £100,000. Considerable effort was made to ensure local children have a lovely, safe state of the art playpark. This equipment is designed to be long lasting and stand up to the wear of normal use, not set on fire by imbeciles.

Disgusting lack of respect. Shameful, brainless behaviour.


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