1,000 Extra News Articles

A BIG milestone reached! Today, we’re proud to announce we’ve reached 1,000 extra, hidden news articles in our exclusive Supporters Group! That’s 1,000 extra local news articles brought to hundreds of subscribers over the last 18 months since the group launched. You may be missing out!?

Bringing Blantyre crime stories, neighbourhood watch, alerts, planning stories, breaking news in the Blantyre area, traffic, roadworks and more, hundreds of people have now subscribed using their small £1.79 / month subscription to unlock the full picture and a primary source for ALL Blantyre news. And of course…it’s all for good causes.

The Supporters Group IS the only reason Blantyre Telegraph continues to exist. It’s now our only revenue stream since our magazine ended during the pandemic and all revenue goes entirely back to Blantyre good causes. We retain nothing.

If you’re enjoying Blantyre Telegraph and appreciate 11 years of daily, free news here on this page, but want more, or perhaps you appreciate the monumental effort which goes into this page by just one person, please DO show your support by subscribing. Collectively it makes a huge difference to local organisations and individuals who could do with a little help. You can start and stop anytime and have direct access to the full back catalog of articles.

This month, we’ve been able to help Ukranian Refugees in the area and cheer up various local children who have recently had a tough time. We also intend on funding the proposed new Blantyre market license. We need your help to do that.

Our fantastic Supporters Competition is also coming! Don’t miss out! Subscribe today here!



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