Careers in the Tech Industry

Frank McKay, formerly of High Blantyre and who now lives in the U.S has created this excellent video to help secondary pupils embark on a career of computing science.

Frank, a former John Ogilvie pupil, has enjoyed tremendous success at the top of the tech industry. He has one of the biggest jobs in the technology industry: the Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain and Procurement at Jabil, Inc., one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world. Everyone reading this will almost certainly own multiple products that Frank and his team have had a handing in making and bringing to global markets.

His excellent video aims to help young people choose the right school subjects to assist a later career in tech. This video, put together by Frank and his team including Shannon Poff, illustrates many reasons why studying Computer Science at school can lead to interesting and fulfilling careers. Frank points out that tech industry careers are not all about writing code (although that is one important career option) – studying Computer Science teaches you the language of tech. The video shows very well that tech industry is home to exciting and fun, collaborative projects, that you can have the opportunity to travel the world and that all sorts of people, young and not so young, can work together to have global impact.

Please share this video with young people you know, especially school pupils thinking about their subject options for National 5 and Higher Grade exams.

With thanks to Stephen Speirs for this story.


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