Funding Boost for Volunteers

A well known Blantyre organisation is to receive its share of £225,000 grant to support their voluntary work.

Blantyre Volunteer Group is to receive up to £28,000 for community transport running costs in the year ahead; and East Kilbride Community Transport has been granted up to £15,000. New vehicles, running costs plus staff and volunteer expenses will be among the payments funded by the series of grants, which councillors from both North and South Lanarkshire have called “a huge boost to communities”.

The organisations will use the money from Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) to provide much-needed transport services to groups including hospital patients, shoppers, children and community groups.

SPT chair Stephen Dornan called the services “the lifeblood of transport” and said: “These organisations represent the best of community transport in Lanarkshire, offering a vital service to communities who are often the most disadvantaged.

“The value offered to the communities we serve is invaluable; we are delighted to support these programmes with grant funding and hope to see the organisations continue to serve the people of Lanarkshire for years to come.”


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