Harper’s Law

Local woman Debbie-Ann McMillan has launched an important petition, calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to enable a birth certificate to be issued in respect of any baby stillborn after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

She told us, “I was 34+ weeks pregnant when I had Harper and sadly lost her due to a placenta abruption. What a lot of people don’t know is that any mothers who give birth to a beautiful baby born sleeping and never breaths is currently NOT entitled to a birth certificate for those children.”

Debbie continued, “All we’re entitled to is a still born death certificate and it hurts me daily as my baby Harper was still a human, beautiful baby girl who came in to this world even though she never took a breath. I want a change in this law and for all us mothers to be entitled to a birth certificate for our babies and for any other mothers who go through our pain in future.”

Harpers Law is proposed and Debbie is hoping through awareness of this post, many readers will sign her petition here: https://petitions.parliament.scot/petitions/PE2046


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